Point character, Trish, Phoenix (Great phoenix team in theory)?

OMG imagine a Zero, Trish, Phoenix team for example lol. Guess right on up or down or die be put into an infinite gain while the phoenix team gains all the meter in the world lol. Sounds so broken in theory.

With that new trish TAC infinite I’m surprised someone like Viscant or other players aren’t abusing it since the infinite would build you alot of meter.

Or have a point character like wolvy or wesker for instance.


Chun has had known TAC infinites since vanilla, and has a solid lock down assist, and I’ve never seen her used for anything like this either.

I don’t think Chun is as viable as Trish though. But you do have a point.

EDIT: Zero/Trish have no synergy, so good luck with dealing with all the other bs.

imo it’s much better to have doom. You get the whole guessing game tac into 4-5 bars plus a kill anyway, then you also get a second character with more health, does more damage and builds more meter.

The Trish/Morrigan/Phoenix team that viscant was talking about in terms of Tier teams looks alot stronger with this too.
Damn this even kicks my own Trish/Ammy/Phoenix up a knotch.

Magneto/Trish/phx is the way to go, tac kill switch repeat

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You should never play Trish Second though, not something she’s great at. Zero/Dante/Phoenix is probably the best shell for Phoenix.