Point/Counterpoint: DC MVC2 = BS


Once again I see SRK is doing their best to kill the scene. Where are all my dawgs at from last year explaining how DC MVC2 was the worst thing since Hitler?

Are we really going to sit around and accept a game that is only 99.x% accurate? This shit is serious yo, because I am completely able to invent some contrived scene where those 0.x% differences HELLA MATTER. Some say I could just learn to adjust my game around those trivial 0.x% diffs, but yo that shit would not be PURE. I didn’t start playing games so I’d have to be learning 0.x% new stuff every 5 years. I mean fast flys, pushblocking, 4,023 resets, the unblockables- yo no prob I’ll hella learn that. But accept that my AC doesn’t do exactly the same thing it was once-in-a-blue-moon useful for before? I’m hella not learning to work around that, just because SRK conspired with Xbox to produce a shitty port. I mean wtf is that? Random tiny shit that once worked should ALLLLLWAYS work and never have to be adjusted, because adjusting is not for winners.

Who cares that the players of ALL the other games are playing on ports that are even less accurate? This is MVC2. If other playas are too pussy to lecture SRK on how the ports must be 100000% accurate, then I will step up, because SRK really needs to fix this.

Some people say that we talk a lot even though we only play one game, never turn out, and whine 3x more than everyone else. What they fail to realize is that we are the shit and are #1 stunnas at being suburbanites faking the thug life. Remember that time 3 years ago when people cheered during an mvc2 match? That shit was tight yo.

I for one am not putting up with this shit. I don’t care if kicking it with my friends in Vegas at the best party for my hobby would be fun. I am changing my AV to a picture of Martin Luther King Jr. saying “boycott” because I am doing some noble-ass shit here. We have been oppressed long enough, and the man needs to recognize that we are HELLA serious because our 5 year old game that didn’t even get XBox Live support is an important presence on today’s gaming scene.

higher s-keezy (get it? I am making a reference to marijuana, which I smoke, because my maverick status means I am unafraid to defy laws and also that I party a lot and not with skanks either. Okay sometimes with skanks.)


not being a smartass or anything, but just curious seth, what are you basing this part on? maybe i haven’t heard of all the differences of the other games, namely super turbo. so please shed some light on this.


this thread broke marvel


Haha, MvC2 players = owned.


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Once you got into that stunna stuff i really lost what you we’re talking about but. But even though there are games that have even worse ports why should we not have the closest port to the arcade? Yes DC marvel might not be 100percent Arcade but it’s alot fucking closer then Xbox.


did any of you check the thread above this one? (well at the time of this posting at least about how it is going to be on the DC now?).


yeah man, MVC is on DC now.

Evo listened to the playes. You’re about a week late dude.

From the evo website…

"Marvel vs Capcom 2

* Game version: US Dreamcast

* Game Settings: Speed 2, Damage 2

* All glitches that prevent the game from being played are banned. This includes game freezing, game resetting, player freezing, etc.

* Deadbody infinites are allowed to gain a positional advantage, but not to delay the game

* Button switching during the loading screen is allowed (e.g. Holding ASSIST 1 to switch your first assist with the point)

* Using the same character twice on one team is banned
* Additional Rules listed in Evolution forum on Shoryuken.com"


so you want us to complain or something that it went back on DC? it seems us mvc2 players are screwed either way huh? its not the players putting the directors in an impossible situation. its more the other way around. maybe this whole Xbox thing was a stunt for us to stop complaining about DC and actually look at it as a good thing. forget what I may come off ass. Ill say it now. FCK ANY MARVEL THATS NOT ON AN ARCADE CAB. you happy now? damn right fck marvel on DC. Im 6 feet and 3 inches. its hard for me to sit on the floor and play with any comfort. I dont have and never have had a DC. last time I played on DC was last year at EVO. I played on diff sticks every match. on the mas sticks I borrowed to play on, there are 8 buttons and I screwed up like 3294923529 times pushing the buttons that dont work. but hey, DC MvC2 = LEET. sarcasm tastes great. marvel players please stand up and dont take this sorta bs especially from non marvel players.


Go join the SFA3 players in their protest then.


I’m glad I play games for fun, holy shit :clap: :rofl:


At least its on DC and not xbox. :clap: It’s as close as you’re gonna get to the arcade version.


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Street fighter Alpha 3 has a protest?

link please!


need I link every thread that SFA3 has been wanted to be at evo but only on arcade (just like MvC2 in this topic with SooMighty)


soo: why are you acting like the mvc2 scene is the only thing that fucking matters? you act like you marvel guys are the only ones that get shafted. think outside the box bro. us 3s, st, #r, cvs2 players are stuck on a console version thats as accurate to the arcade as mvc2 is to the arcade. im not trying to diss, but this argument is old bro. everyone else is dealing with it, but i feel like marvel players need to be fucking pampered or something. Its really dumb. Seriously, only marvel players really bitch about this. ggxx players deal with it, namco players deal with it with no gripes, and namco ports are way less accurate…

this shit has nothing to do with trying to fool you guys into choosing the DC. if you knew anything about the situation, MVC2 was actually considered to be terminated because it was agreed upon the evo staff that DC was a major problem last year with blue screens, and that ps2 and xbox versions were a little too flawed. what other fucking choice do we have? it was either do DC again and face 287462874687264 blue screens again, or eliminate blue scrren and play xbox with the tag counter issue.

seriously, stop acting like its always a damn conspiracy. its so damn dumb. times are changed anyways. 5% of the scene even actively play arcade anyways. its over, move on, its console or bust. from the sounds of it, its bust, since adapting seems to not be an option for some people.

but whatever. you can only do so much. no way to ever please everyone…


stop acting like mvc2 is the only game that gets shafted? thats the only game I play guy. I think FF 3s players handled the 3s aspect. Pyro didnt even enter last year. thats enough of a point. and I dont really care about the other games. 5% of the scene play in arcade? maybe where you come from. not the case in cali bro. the only reason I responded the way I did was because of the sarcastic ass first post. so instead of you bitching at me for bitching about DC, why dont you bitch at the bitch bitching about marvel players bitching. I said what I said because for me that was all shit I didnt like. but Im dealing with it. like I said I posted what I posted in response to the failed to be witty attempt to put down marvel players. not for you to reply with an essay about how you think I should stop “bitching”. Im not trying to be rude. youre just pointing your guns at the wrong guy. I think you misunderstood my intensions but whatever.


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