Point me in the right direction

i was watching the Team Spooky live stream the other week and they were talking bout one of the guys using a ps3 stick even though they were hosting a 360 competition. what thread/user/company should i hit up about finding out information on making my stick universal?

i know theres that thread about wiring your stick to be compatible with both…but on the stream they were talkin bout how he has to carry some extra pad around with him…? i didnt really listen closely cause it was pretty late and i had the volume low. but yeah, i was more so trying to find information on that.

any help is appreciated.

Sounds like he was using a converter. http://shoryuken.com/f177/converter-compatibility-thread-181187/

Most anything > 360 converters require a 360 pad to be plugged into them.

But TE/SE PCBs are impossible to convert. If you really want that, you should look into a modder doing the dual mod for you. (and though most dual mods are 360 > dual mod, I’ve done PS3 > dual mods easily, as any modder worth hiring should be able to do just fine)


Instead of a Madcatz 4716 use a Madcatz Fightpad for easier hacking.

yup, this right here

Look for a local modder in your area and avail of their services. Support the community so to speak.

hey thanks a lot everyone. i definitely got some homework to do, i appreciate the heads up