Pointer on my Alex



Could you tell me where to improve, not to many casuals around me
and Thank you.


First of all, this would be better off in the Alex video thread there wasn’t a need to make a new thread for this, as for your Alex you’ve got a lot to work on (not trying to be a dick)

Learn to play a solid ground game with Alex you’ve got some really solid pokes with standing medium kick, crouching medium punch, and properly spaced light kick slash elbows

Stop mashing jab so much, Alex’s light punch is a 4 framer so it’s not great to wake up with or mash out of block strings with learn to just buckle down and block

Use stomp and headbutt more sparingly they can be pretty effective tools only if your opponent isn’t looking for them, use them so little that your opponent almost forgets you have them so you can surprise them with em otherwise a better player will jump out of the way every time, same with power bomb it can be a scary mix up tool but a very easy one to react too if you try to abuse it.

Practice hit confirming, there were tons of opportunities where you would land a jab and you didn’t cancel it into a flash chop or anything (you have to do ex chop from a crouching jab) and it’s making you miss out on damage.

And learn how to take advantage of every situation you can put your self in I’m not gonna go too deep into this, but the spoiler boxes on the front page of the Alex tech thread are great sources of information if you wanna look into specific situations.