Pointers for Dhalsim space control/mixup tactics?

Im just a decent player from MD. i just started using dhalsim, and was wondering if anyone could help me with spacecontrol/mixup tactics,tips and/or pointers? I usually play Dhalsim w/ Doom/Sent, but i want to get him better. any help,links,tips,advice would be greatly appreciated! (plus i can only do his infinite like 3 times if im lucky:sweat:)

Big batch of vids up on Preppy’s site. Under the vids from JOO section, the series all the way at the bottom is all Top Tier squads versus a Sim player. I myself haven’t picked up Sim yet, but this guy is a good player to watch. He uses blocked strings plus assists to relayer very effectively, and just has an all-around good rush-down presence.

thanks, ill def check that out, do you have the link perhaps?

Ah, he’s talking about Kanu.