Poison hitboxes incoming

Thank you so much. Will you also be doing her special moves and super/ultras?

This is taken using the PC mod, yeah? I should go check that out.

Thanks for this keep it up please for all of us T_T

this looks very interesting, i wonder how effective this could be in footsies.

Well it is fairly safe on block depending when it hits, theoretically even comboable on a CH. But you can’t really hit confirm like with Fei’s rekkas and it doesn’t do any damage on it’s own. Also j. hp has a really interesting second hitbox. I get why it isn’t a good jump-in at the angles you would think now, but it seems like it might have some weird crossup/safejump properties with certain setups (lol yep, just made a Sagat “safe” jump that whiffs his DP’s and beats any low profile attempts).

ive been pretty good with hit confirming rekkas on hit, and not continuing on block. it has a pretty decent window to cancel. im going to mess around with the range because looking at the hitbox, i never thought it reached out that far.

Well considering it pretty much always hits from any range normal, it’s not that surprising. Though I bet you might get the issues with followup rekkas not hitting on some characters from certain ranges.

Far. St. MP hitbox made me cry a little. Also, when could we see the hitboxes for her close range normals?

far standing medium punch made me fucking choke

this is fucking garbage. dont even get me started on cr.hp.

It seems like her hitboxes were better in SFxT.

Ah, thanks!

They need to expand the hitbox on her dp to the end of her foot since it doesn’t move forward and expand it on her way up so she doesn’t have such a bad gap.

Yeah I’ve noticed her FA doesn’t extend as far as it looks like, but it’s still pretty solid range coming from playing Rose and her useless FA.

View Poison normal hitboxes frame by frame. http://decapre.com/watch?v=7oqWVRaOLmk


View Poison special hitboxes frame by frame. http://decapre.com/watch?v=cHHOUdTARkg



thanks so much, you have contributed so much to the poison forums.

when i was watching the HK DP, her green boxes (physical hurtboxes?) disappear for the first 18 frames, does that mean it has 18 frames of strike invincibility? i know it is throwable, and you can see those boxes don’t disappear, hopefully you can shed some light on that.

I’m curious as hell about her hitboxes, have a couple of questions:
[] I stuffed a Ryu’s crouching HP with jumping HP in a match. Was that possible or he just missed the timing? How many active frames does jumping HP have with the hitbox down? Sounds like a good move to approach standing opponents.
] The hitboxes on Kissed by a goddess appear to cover both of her legs but despite the vertical look, I have had the move safejumped and I started to suppose the hitbox only covers the front leg. Is there a good timing to catch crossups that regular DPs can’t?