Poison Image Thread

Poison’s GFX Work.

I’ll link this in my sig so I can update it as often as I’d like.

Oshi-We can’t put code in our sigs.

I like to do digital art, it’s my lesser known hobby. Second only to my Hugo.

My first ever sig. Would have been good if I didn’t use Outer Glow. Ah well.

A sig of Cable I made for a SotW. Would have been good, if I didn’t fail at text back then.

Probably a firm favourite of mine. Zeldanator was funny for a week or so.

I love Pokeymahnz.

Lady Gaga and Poison. Too similar.

Ness and Lucas. Probably my favourite sig yet.

My Legendary Peach sig. Less outer glow and it would have been too good.

I can’t even explain what Project WOW is. But it came from my term; Wowser Bowser.

The sig I used when I was trolling as a Jigglypuff mainer called J2K.

Juri sig in advance for Super Street Fighter 4. I still failed at text when I made this.

Awful. Just awful.

… Time passes by. Poison improves.

Yay. I’m actually good now.

My band of the now and album of the now. Worth a listen, if you like your coffee black just like your metal.

Poison is a tranny

nice art and all that but

bring me the horizon

black metal?

It’s A Trap


Exactly what I was thinking.