Poison. Surprising. Progressive?

At the SFxT panel during EVO, Ono asked all of us in the room if Capcom should retcon her origins for the game. Joke or not, nearly everyone in the room cheered for her to stay transexual/transgender (story changes depending on which country you live in US or Japan). Was it for the laughs, or is our stereotypically ignorant demographic becoming more accepting of an individuals choice?

Probably just for the LULZ i’d imagine.

If everyone is cool with Kayo Police and Karaface…I don’t see the big deal.

Well, it’s what made her interesting for many people in the first place. I don’t really care, but if I had to choose I’d just leave hear like that.

Never heard of 'em. Famous person in general or in the community?

Also, hope they keep Poison as she is.

Right, I forgot about about Kayo Police. Never heard of Karaface though.


Poison should either be a male-to-female transsexual or a male cross-dresser.

Born female and I don’t buy, Capcom.

Man I’m glad there were no crossdressers in Guilty Gear, the community would’ve never survived the controversy.

The first thing that popped into my head after reading this was “I’d go gay for Bridget” which is part of what I was wondering. Can a character be more than just their gender (or gender of choice)? Or will they always be a joke because of it?

Karaface is a player who also does photography for the fighting game community.

They should at least give her a consistent backstory. There’s no good reason for having different genitals in different territories.

Kayopolice main character better be Poison if she plays it lol.

Why should they have to play a character that is transgender? No one forces black players to fight as Balrog.