Poison Team Synergy Thread

work in progress

This thread is devoted to the building and and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of Character Parings with Poison, This will also go into in depth strategies on her Point placement and roles during a match~ this thread is directly connected to the Gem Thread as Team Synergy isn’t just about character combos but Gem combinations as well. First We’ll be discussing Team Arrangement.

Team Arrangement: Also known as Team Order, is an Important thing to consider when building a team, who is going first? and who is going to be in reserve. Deciding on a order can be tough im here to help with that, first im going to explain the benefits of having Poison On Point.

On Point: Commonly known as Team Leader or Captain, the Point character starts a match off, and this is very important because this sets the tone of the beginning stages of a fight. Poison does Zoning really well, so her zoning out her opponent early on will not only build your team meter but perhaps forces a early switch out if your zoning out a grappler who can’t get in for example~ Zoning is a strong strategy however there are characters who can out zone Poison, however lucky for her, she can also lay down the pressure to rushdown your opponent. Poison has limited Switch Cancel options on point so don’t expect to have Poison extend any long juggles. Having the right set of Gems will also benefit Poison so here is a list of On Point specific Gems i’ve cooked up for this guide.

-Divine Speed lv.1(connect with 3 special moves)
-Onslaught lv.1(connect with 3 special moves)
-Fortitude lv.1 (Get hit with 2 special moves)

This Gem Combo will activate at once and give you a solid boost for 20 seconds, the speed boost will enhance you zoning abilities, the Onslaught will boost your meter gain while you zone out your opponent, the fortitude gem is there for you if you get hit by stray special moves which can happen often in a match, this is the most likely condition to be fulfilled in a fight making this fortitude gem valuable. Having the first two Gems activating as soon as possible will only benefit your team as the increase in meter will give you more options, you can opt. out the speed Gem if you desire another C.Gauge Gem, I recommend using the ever popular Onslaught lv.2 when your partner performs a launcher, because this may being about a last ditch effort in building enough meter for a Super or even a CrossArt to finish off you opponent, and its a safe investment as the gem won’t randomly be activated as Poison would have to be in reserve for it to have a chance to activate.

-EX Divine Speed lv.3(connect with 4 special moves)
-Onslaught lv.2(connect with 4 special moves)

-EX Onslaught lv.2(connect with 4 special moves)
-Immense Power lv.2(connect with 4 special moves)

-Fortitude lv.1(get hit with a EX special)
-Fortitude lv.1(get hit by 2 special moves)
-Fortitude lv.2(get hit by 3 special moves)

The EX Divine Speed gives you a nice 20% boost for 30 seconds(almost 1/3 of a round), The Onslaught lv.2 helps out the meter building potential even more with a 40% C.Gauge boost.
The EX Onslaught lv.2 Boost C.Gauge rate by 40% and gives you a 10% in Power as well combined with the Immense Power lv.2 for another 20% damage boost, you can really go on the offensive with this Gem set. Note that these two Gem sets will activate really quickly, each rep of Poison’s Whip of Love counts as one special move, so your getting 3 counts for every successful Cr. :mk: or so. It’s very easy to meet the condition to activate these Gems for you to benefit from zoning early in a match.

The last set is for defensive minded players who are merely stalling or are trying to build meter at a different pace, having these Gems increase the chances of survival almost ten fold as these conditions are highly likely to be met during a match.

Cross Rush(On Point): when Tagging out its important to know what your Partners options and potential damage figures beforehand. seeing if a character can deal high damage off a launcher is always a plus but if they can get a hard knockdown can be even better! For example, Abel can always combo into Falling sky for a hard knockdown and it does good damage~ Other characters like King can also do this with his Running Jaguar Bomb. There are characters like Nina and Bob who can score big damage from using ground bounces or ect. to increase the amount of damage you can get from a simple launcher.

In Reserve: Having Poison in Reserve had its uses, most commonly it’s to preserve your Point Character. Most strategies will have Poison fulfill the role of a Tank or Battery for their Point Character. A Tank is like a damage sponge and will soak up damage, Poison having 950 health isn’t too bad for this role so doubling up on fortitude Gems will suffice. A Battery is a character who builds meter quickly for their team opening more options and damage potential for the Point character. Onslaught Gems will help Poison with the role of being a battery.
Poison can also be used as an Unorthodox heavy hitter as well, combined with the right set of gems, incoming from a Cross Rush or Switch Cancel Combo she can dish out a sold amount of damage once you figure out key combos in and out the corner. Stacking the effects of Immense Power Gems will easily make Poison a threat to your opponent and make Poison the “Problem” instead of your Point Character.

Gem Loadouts should be focused on what particular role Poison is going to be used to back up your Point character if shes in the Reserve, however its not completely necessary for one to completely focus on 1 type of Gem, but its highly recommended that you should as the effects can be stronger and more beneficial.

Cross Rush(In Reserve): Poison incoming from a launcher has decent amount of options, and potential set ups. Something thats Popular not is Dash Canceling her close :hp: into crouching :lp: or even :mp: for extra damage mid screen. If your not big on execution, you have other options as well such as close :mp: into LMT or close :hp: into KBG, some even opt. out to sweep at times for another hard knockdown option. Going into Super is an option but its better used in different combos rather then Cross Rushes. You can decide if having Gems activating from this condition will suit Poison’s roles as your getting a free combo if shes tagged in this way, and she can begin her role sooner then before.

Character Specific Strategy and Synergy:

**Hugo: **Poison’s official Tag partner, Hugo offsets Poison’s normally low damage output with his high damaging combos, Hugo can be used to completely shut down your opponent, although he as low mobility he compensates it with his huge figure taking up approx. 1/4 of the screen with his normals covering large portions of the screen. Hugo is also beginner friendly but has some higher execution combos that are worth learning as they exceed 500+ damage! Hugo’s team placement is better suited for the back row as hes a huge threat when he has 1 stock for his EX shootdown back-breaker, effectively shutting down your opponents aerial mobility.

Poison can tag in Hugo using her Boost Combo(preferred if your using Boost gem that activates by this condition) however shes not limited to only Boost combos. Poison can also Switch Cancel off any normal version of Kissed by a Goddess into Hugo’s Shootdown back-breaker for a high damage switch cancel. Poison also can Switch cancel from the last rep of Whip of love for a interesting Okizemi set up utilizing Hugo’s jumping body press.

Overall Hugo is a strong teammate for Poison, dealing high damage and can lay down the pressure , however with lackluster mobility and weak switch cancel options, Hugo will have to rely on Poison getting him in when its necessary.

**Combos **:
-Cr. :mk: - Cr. :hp: - Launcher (Hugo) Cr. :lp: > Palm breaker ~ Shootdown Backbreaker
-348 damage

(Corner) J. :hp: ~ Cr. :hp: > :hp: Aeolus Edge ~ Cr. :mk: - Cr. :hp: -Launcher (Hugo) Cr. :lp: > Palm breaker ~ Shootdown Backbreaker -437 damage.

-1 Stock/Poison:

-Cr. :mk: > :mk: KBG (switch Cancel to Hugo) Cr. :lp: > Palm Breaker ~ Shootdown Backbreaker

  • 398 damage

-Cr. :lk: - St. :mp: - St. :hp: Launcher (Poison) Cl. :mp: ~ Cr. :hp: > :hk: KBG -357 damage

-2 Stock/Hugo: Body Press ~ Cr. :mp: > EX Palm Breaker(Switch Cancel to Poison) J. :lk: (cross up) ~ Cl. :hp: > WoL -534 damage

work in progress

**Preferred Gems **: Immense Power Gems, Fortitude Gems and LifeForce Gems.
**Preferred Team Placement **: Reserve

Cammy: Cammy is a close range fighter that relies on her special moves and relatively fast walk speed to get in on opponents, Cammy does decent damage and has a far share of tricky tactics and set ups using her cannon strike and hooligan combination to mix up the opponent.
Cammy has her spin knuckle to advance towards her opponent as it has full upperbody invulnerability, Cammy’s Cannon Spike is a great Dragon Punch like move that lifts the opponent in a high float state making it easy for her partner to follow up with a combo if you decide to use a switch cancel. Cammy’s combo potential is good but she relies on having meter to do her more damaging combos.

Poison and Cammy benefit from each other’s ability to force the opponent into the corner with such attack like Whip of Love, Spiral Arrow, and Spin Knuckle. Cammy can deal high damage juggles in the corner by using Spin knuckle or EX Spiral Arrow then Switch canceling to Poison to finish off the juggle. Poison’s :mk: Kissed by a Goddess can be followed up by Cammy running almost full screen to connect with a normal to finish the combo. Both Cammy and Poison have great launchers that connect from their far :hp: or :hk: normals making nice Boost Combos for either of them tagging themselves in.

Overall, Cammy and Poison are similar in ways to make them effective as a team, they both don’t do high damage by themselves however that damage does increase when they use more elaborate combos either solo or as a team. Cammy can play the role of a Point man very well or she can be waiting in the reserve unit, it’s a matter of preference.

Combos : more will come
1 stock.
(Cammy) Cr. :lp: ~ Cr. :lp: ~ Cr. :mp: > :hk: Cannon Spike (Switch Cancel) Close :hp: > :lk: Love me Tender + follow up attack.

(Cammy~Corner) Spin Knuckle ~ Close :hp: ~ Close :hp: ~ Close :mp: ~ or > Cannon Spike (Switch Cancel) Close :mp: ~ Cr. :hp: > :hk: Kissed by a Goddess.

(Poison) Cr. :lp: ~ Cr. :lp: ~ Cr. :mk: > :mk: Kissed by a Goddess (Switch Cancel) Close/Far :hp: > :hk: Cannon spike.

(Poison~Corner) Cr. :hp: > :hp: Aeolus Edge ~ Cr. :mk: > :hk: Kissed by a Goddess (Switch Cancel) Close :hp: ~ Close :hp: ~ Close :mp: > :hk: Cannon Spike.

Preferred Gems : Divine Speed Gems, Fortitude Gems, Onslaught Gems.
Preferred Team placement : On Point or Reserve

Lili : Lili in short is a combo beast, and a meter generator and eater all at the same time making her a strong asset to any team. Lili has alot of mix ups in her strings with alot of high/low and has strong mid hitting attacks. A good number of Lili’s strings allow her to cancel into her special moves, in most do multiple hits…and in term build alot of meter when combined together.
Lili also has a strong Aerial game with two kinds of dive kicks and two air strings with one having the ability to crossup. Lili has all the tools to get in, and once shes in she can build/use the meter as she sees fit, another noteworthy mention is Lili can do some rather unique combos into her Launcher as well so its something to remember.

Poison benefits from Lili by how she can build/use meter effectively and how she can effectively deal damage even without meter. Lili is can follow up from Poison’s :mk: Kissed by a Goddess with standing :mp: , Crouching :mk: , and standing :hp: , along with her Bed Time ( :lp: - :f: :mp: - :mk: ) and Peacock Jive ( :f: :mk: - :mp: - :hk: ) strings. Poison can get a bit more damage in the corner if she Switch Cancels into Lili, however Lili doesn’t have many meterless options to swtich cancel, however spending the extra bar is worth it in some situations, be cautious on how you spend the meter as a well placed CrossArt can decide almost certain victory.

Poison will Benefit Lili is she opts out for C.Gauge minded Gems like Onslaught and Proficiency as her strings and special do multiple hits and accumulate alot of meter, Onslaught just makes this process alot faster, Proficiency will make Lili’s expensive EX combos less of a dent in your C.Gauge and allows Lili to keep some spare meter for Poison to work with when she does get back on stage. Divine Speed would complement Lili’s already great mobility and makes her jump ins and aerial special much more effective, Immense Power is always welcome in boosting damage, but Fortitude should only be used if you feel that it’s necessary as Lili has 900 Points of Vitality it can be a wise choice however LifeForce is a quick fix to that problem.

Overall Lili is a great partner to Poison as she is a well rounded character herself, however bare in mind Lili builds alot of meter only so she can spend it for her own higher damaging combos so CrossArts and 3 Stock combos won’t be a common occurring theme with this team. However if you invest the time in learning Lili and flesh her out, she can dance in the light of victory in the same spotlight with Poison…specking of spotlight. Lili can play either Role of Point (wo)man or in Reserve. The reason why is simple, Lili can build meter fairly early in a match on point and shes a strong enough character to hold her own without meter, however she can be more effective with meter and she has strong combos from either Switch Cancels or Boost Combos, Either way is fine with Lili.

Combos: working on it

Preferred Gems: C.Gauge Gems, Divine Speed.
Preferred Team Placement: On Point or Reserve.

King : King is a versatile grappler with good normals, decent mobility and great combo-ability. What sets King apart from his grappler brethren is the fact he has attacks that act like throws(like in Soul Calibur Attack Throws), this allows King to combo into moves that give him a hard knockdown for him to start his mix up game. In terms of his actual mix up game is rather limited with few mid hitting attacks, however king has other ways in opening up his opponent. Crouch blockers have to look out for his Tomahawk(Shining Wizard) low command throw, as this throw only catches crouching opponents, while his giant swing only catches standing, like wise his jaguar bomb catches aerial and juggled foes. King’s Elbow rush string is a good string as it combos from his standing or crouching jab, the 3rd hit is a mid that on counter hit causes a ground bounce also this move is -4 on block so it isn’t highly punishable, King’s other mid is his jaguar step high elbow drop. This mid always causes a ground bounce if it hits and is part of his step mix up, high, mid , low. King’s Jaguar step gets past pesky fireballs and let’s king advance on his opponent as it grants him full body invulnerability for 20 frames, take note that his move has some frames of recovery if you do it raw. King’s Shoulder tackle has 1 hit of super armor and on counter hit causes and wall bounce, this move is good for fishing out pokes and a decent Anti-Air on occasion. The last notable move I want to mention is his knee lift, this move can combo into it’s self up to 4 times and does alot of damage, this move is a high so its duck-able, so if your opponent gets wise to your knee lift shenanigans you can always mix it up with his shining wizard set ups, also EX Konvict Kick gives enough hitstun to combo into knee lift.

Poison benefit’s from king’s knee lifts like anyone else would, as 4 consecutive knees will net you 280 damage before the Switch Cancel and a high juggled opponent to give point enough time to perform any juggle ender she likes. Though less common, a counter hit shoulder tackle can net Poison a chunk of damage after two or three reps of King’s knee lifts, this is also possible off a counter hit Disgraceful Kick. King can get a cr. :mk: or a close :hp: off Poison’s :mk: KBG, this allows him to combo into a Running Jaguar bomb or even his SuperArt. For Boost Combos, King’s are average at best however his far :hk: is like Poison’s far :hp: as they both reach about 1/3 of the screen. Hit confirming into a boost combo is still the best way to go, King has strong Boost combo enders as with good timing you can land his knee lift loop, however if you want more consistent damage close :hp: to Jaguar bomb will almost aways nets you around 300+ damage.

King deals high damage so opting out for Immense Power Gems are going to be for the best, however Fortitude gems works wonders on King as they can soak up damage he would have taken and it gives you more chances to get in on the opponent to get things done. King also can benefit from Vitality Gems as it gives him more time to get things done without resorting to switching out. Since King can deal alot of damaging incoming, its wise to run the Immense power Gem that activates via Partners launcher, this makes his first running power bomb that much more dangerous.
Poison can run all Onslaught Gems to build meter quickly for king when he does enters the ring, however I found better results by mixing in Immense power gems with C.Gauge gems(mixing Onslaught and Proficiency) on Poison and King. King is better used as a reserve unit as he greatly benefits from at least 1 stock, Poison being on Point can make her fulfill many different roles to your liking.


(King) J. :hk: ~ :uf: :mk: x4 (Switch Cancel to Poison) ~ cl. :mp: ~ cr. :hp: > :hk: KBG (450 damage) -1 Stock.

(King) cr. :mk: > EX Konvict Kick ~ :uf: :mk: x4 (Switch Cancel to Poison) cr. :hp: > :mk: LMT+Follow up(439 damage, ~440 with :hk: KBG) -2 Stock

(Poison) Cr. :mk: > :mk: KBG (Switch cancel to King) ~ cl. :hp: > :hp: Running Jaguar Bomb. (371 damage) -1 Stock

(Poison) J. :hk: ~ cl. :hp: > :mk: KBG (Switch Cancel to King) ~ cl. :hp: > Wonderful Mexican Special Combo> Muscle Buster (566 damage) -3 Stock)

(Poison~Corner) J. :hk: ~ cl. :hp: > :hk: KBG (Switch Cancel to King) ~ :uf: :mk: x2 ~cl. :hp: > :hp: Running Jaguar Bomb. (519 damage) -1 Stock

(Poison~Corner) J. :hp: ~ cr. :hp: > :hp: Aeolus Edge ~ cr. :mk: > Cross Art[ Muscle Buster] (575 damage) -3 Stock

Gems: Immense Power, Fortitude, Lifeforce , Proficiency Gems .
Team Order: Reserve Unit.


I’m still trying to figure out how to use Poison as part of a team.
I haven’t found anything really good for tagging in or out of Poison, but I’ve literally only done like three hours of Vs play and maybe a half hour of training mode (my copy still hasn’t come in the mail yet).

I want to do Poison Juri or Poison Lili, hopefully I can find some stuff in the lab when my copy comes in.

i actually really like the potential in poison/lili so much so that if i wasn’t in love with the asuka feels i’d be playing that team
i think lili can benefit from being in the second spot because she hits pretty hard from what i can tell, if you can hold off from burning most of your meter with poison then lili will be a happy girl

Like I said in the GD thread, Poison is a completely self-sufficient character. This is a double edged sword, she doesn’t need a character to cover her flaws but at the same time she can’t really help her teammate in combos and mix ups. The best she can do is get someone in the corner and then tag out so they can start doing mix-ups - Hugo comes to mind. This doesn’t make her a bad character at all, however it makes picking unique teammates for her really hard. This is also a double edged sword because it means you can have whatever you want for the second character.

Her only decent launching option is her universal launcher. Tag cancelling EX WoL is a really bad idea for extending combos because of the extra 40% scaling it puts on combos. I’ve been trying out characters that can deal as much damage as possible from launchers due to that. So far I’ve been using Nina, Julia and Kazuya and I’ve been having some nice results in that aspect.

That’s a much more eloquent way of putting what I wanted to say. She didn’t really feel like a team player in the short amount of time I got to play the game.

That being said, I was feeling the idea of playing Poison as a battery. Poison + meter gain gem then swap in someone who can really make good use of the meter (S/Os to Lili) was always an interesting prospect.

there are still alot of stuff to figure out, i’ve been doing alot of work but i actually need to stop being disorderly and start from the top or something so this is going to be on the back burner for a minute, so dont expect me to start filling it whole article worthy stuff yet until i work with some of the guys here…Jamp ima need your help bro on organization.

I think my two favorite characters so far are Chun Li and Poison but I’m not sure they would work well together. My team would be severely lacking in damage. Though in trade I guess I’d have two relatively balanced characters who can adapt to situations.

Like I said, Poison / Anything will always work. I don’t know Kuma too much but how well can he take advantage of juggles?

Team Mad Gear works super well for me (Poison/Rolento)

Poison will be the point character and off a succesfully landed launcher can allow Rolento to do standing close mk, crouch mk into HP patriot circle or EX patriot circle (using the EX will allow you to link a Sweep afterwards) anywhere on screen. In the corner, you can do launcher into Rolento into standing HK, lk x mk chain into EX patriot circle. This does a pretty good amount of damage and gives you Rolento’s awesome oki game to work with afterwards. Switching back into Poison isn’t nearly as fruitful, because she can’t do nearly as much damage, but she can get a standing close mk, low mk into HK/EX Kissed By a Goddess or EX Aelous Edge. The Kissed by a goddess sends them across the screen, which allows you to set up for zoning or get into better screen position, whereas the EX Aelous Edge keeps them closer to you for better oki game , but at the cost of one meter and less damage.

Rolento can cancel out of his last hit of his patriot circle into poison and she can do the same combo ender I mentioned earlier. This does a decent chunk of damage for one meter and doesn’t require a full chain into launcher. I’m still experimenting and seeing what Rolento can do off of canceled things for Poison. I found that after the third hit of EX Rekka that rolento can link a standing mk into hp patriot circle/ EX patriot circle/ Super. The latter two are more for flash/killing than anything because that’s a two bar combo. Rolento can also sub in c.mk into patriot circle too. I’m gonna be working on seeing if Rolento can get anything if I Tag Cancel HK DP (since the run is so far).

In the Corner, you can play a pretty good frame trap game with Poison by doing a HP Aelous Edge in your strings (the HP fireball won’t combo, but it will be delayed to where pushing a button would net you a counter hit). I like to tag cancel Rolento sometimes and confirm jabs into mk into Patriot circle, s hk, lk x mk x EX patriot circle. Pretty tricky little setup. If they block a patriot circle from Rolento, you can safely tag in Poison from a Tag Cancel too.

As far as team weaknesses go, I’d say that going from Poison to Rolento is stronger than Rolento to Poison and it allows you to build meter for Rolento’s bigger damaging corner combos. Rolento can bail himself out of trouble and safely switch into Poison through the use of meter and she gets to start her great pressure game. Offensively, you’ll get a less damaging point that can allow you to tag into a better damaging character with better oki game. Defensive wise, Poison has a slight advantage in the fact that she has a fireball that isn’t worthless. Her DP is alright as AA, but her low HP works better. Rolento’s AA game is phenomenal (s.lk, s.mp and s.hk are godlike) and his pokes are infinitely better than Poison’s. But I can’t get enough of that classy lady.

yo Poison fans,

im working with a Law/Poison or Poison/Law team… still figuring out which order but as @jamp
mentioned she/he is her/his haha own team… so figuring out best order for her… yup i stick with
HER… is interesting

I put her first because she builds meter very quickly, and give her Cross Guage gems to help her build even more meter. The teammate spends the meter. so anyone who makes good use of that extra meter would be a good teammate

I’d say it’s not really a good idea to put her on the second slot. She excels on point, whereas her juggle / tag combo options are somewhat subpar.

It’s easier for a second character to take advantage from her universal launcher and meter building than her to take advantage from tag cancels or other’s launchers.

Im working on poison xiayu and I have to say that poison really is a solo player. Off of a solo combo into launcher ling can do pretty good damage. ling also can do good damage by herself and then tag in poison formore damage. I also wanted to know that after a bnb with ling that end into punch stance into dp can poison do cs fp fp fireball cr forward rh uppercut off of a tag?

because im lazy and is trying to figure out better usages of Gems, im using Ryu /Poison in that order. it works for the Gem combos and playstyle of mines. i’ll explain the gems in the thread for it but having Poison in the back row is essental for me as my ryu uses meter for 400+ damage combos using 1 stock…off of Cr. :mk: so her zoning/unorthodox frametraps work around the mid match then in the beginning. the main focal point of the team is to quickly activate their gems tho…and they do it almost instantly after a crossrush or successful jump in. Ryu with +30% damage boost is fun stuff…

Post op trans, she IS a her, a sexy her.

I’m working with Poison-Law/Asuka/Xiaoyu atm, if I find anything I’ll add it, but to those earlier who mentioned law and asuka I’m curious to see your findings too :3

I been playing Poison/Lili as my main team. Poison doesn’t have great moves to tag in Lili for extended combos so I compensate by decking Poison out with meter gems to act as a battery for Lili.

I’m currently using Poison/Heihachi. They can both tag in each other for damage and they cover each others weaknesses. Poison has the reversal, and the tools to get away, and she can cover for hei when his health is low. Hei can get in and do some damage and tag her in to recover.

That’s wat I’m finding to be the problem with them as a team, too. That and Lili doesn’t really offer anything for Poison, I usually finding myself having to use Poison to bail Lili out of dangerous situations while Poison just holds her own.
I feel that Lili needs a partner with a safe way to get in close and lot of launchers to make use of her juggle capabilities, and Poison doesn’t really offer those for her.

I think I might do a swap and try Poison/Julia and Lili/Xiaoyu.