Poison USF4 Console release improvement thread



Discuss possible character improvements for the console and pc release


If they do decide on re balancing then this is a list of changes I would submit to capcom

System/bug fixes
Fix her wonky hurt box issues both against her ( like the stand to crouch, crouch to stand, and her pushbox) and for her (cr.hp and cl.hp causing reeling animations where canceled moves whiff. Cl.mp getting a hit box adjustment to not whiff on hit/block standing / crouching etc)
Fix her states that restrict her from special/ultra canceling with an up direction
Fix her ultra 2 causing her to move backwards giving it inconsistent range

Increased active frames on her Kissed by a goddess special. This move is her anti air and the go to medium kick version which is the one with the most invincibility and fastest start up (barring ex) has only 4 active frames. There is also a 3 frame gap of recovery between the first 2 active frames and the last 2. Because she also becomes airborne on frame 11 after the last active frame, allowing her to be unthrowable, the 3 frames of recovery in between the 2 sets of active frames are throwable, causing her reversal to be punishable while active in a sense. A buff to to both the horizontal and vertical hit boxes would also help the range so that the move isn’t easily neutral jumped and forward jumped through her body.

Slight increase in walk speed both forward and backwards.

Increase In active frames on crouching hard punch.

+1 frame of hit stun added to crouching light punch, close standing light punch and far standing light punch, giving her a total of +6 frame advantage on hit allowing new combo potential, giving her the possibility of combing into her crouching medium normals and her crouching hard punch as well as close hard kick. It will also create her crouching light punch > standing medium kick link to be more lenient. She would also be able to link her sweep on a counter hit light punch.

Slight range increase on all versions whip of love to avoid whiffing when canceled from far ranging normals like Standing medium kick, crouching medium kick, crouching medium punch, crouching hard punch. Etc

Damage increase on all versions of whip of love. The scaling added to each hit of this move causes her overall damage out put to suffer if extending combos.

Increased range on forward throw. Her forward throw grants her many set up options, but the range is one of the worst, a slight increase in range would be very impact full for her overall close range game.

Improve the sweep. Poisons sweep is one of if not the worst sweep in the game. It has a very slow start up (9 frames), very little active frames (2 active frames), and horrible recovery (31 frames). The stun and damage is very little (90 damage/ 100 stun) and with such a large recovery time, she is -15 on block. There is a lot of risk both on start up and block/whiff for such little reward on hit. I would suggest the start up to be 7 or 8 frames, 3 or 4 active frames, and about 21 recovery frames, with a frame disadvantages of -7 on block. Buff the damage to 100 and stun to 150 or 200.

Increase in speed on Ultra 1’s Projectile to allow it to connect midscreen on every character after an EX Whip of Love

Give her ultra 1’s fireball 1 layer of projectile armor. This is me being greedy but it sucks having an ultra fireball losing to a normal projectile.

More range on ultra 2

If all the system fixes were to happen, and even just 1 or 2 buffs from this reasonable list while not nerfing anything in “compensation”, I think she becomes a complete char.




I would increase the active frames of her dp from 4 to 6 frames.

Increase her walkspeed to about 0.425 from 0.4.
Reduce the damage of her Ultra 2 by 50 and increase the range to 1.00 and eliminate the backwards movement of her ultra causing it to have even less range than it was intended to have. (I knew I wasn’t the only one who saw that I believe the range was actually making it go from 0.67 to about 0.50)
Increase the hitstun of cr.mk by 1 frame so cr.mk into fireball can connect consistently.
Adjust the float properties of each character after ex rekka so u1 can connect consistently.
Increase the distance of ex lmt so it can at least punish blanka ball on block because currently she has almost no answers to punish blanka balls.
Give the fireball portion of her ultra 1 two hits so it can combat normal projectiles and punish.