So this is my first venture into anything involving color in a long time. It’s Prismacolor and black pen on white paper. I am getting reacquainted with the medium and I am still developing my eye for color but I spent a few hours on this and feel like I’ve improved overall. I’m trying to develop a stylized look but I realize it’s hard for me to sway too far from realism. I’d appreciate any kind of critique or recommendations you guys could offer here. Oh, and the face isn’t really that blurry, it’s a photograph and the focus was off. Thanks.


nice poison pic…she’s my favorite character.


What an amazing drawing of Poison. I’m completely awestruck by your talent!!! I can’t look at Poison the same after learning she’s…you know.


Man, Nice poison pic! Traditional media too even! Very nice :slight_smile:


Holy cripes, that is awesome. I really like your attention to detail here. Please, keep it up!