udoneko, considering you guys are using the american version of the story, i assume you are going to make Poison a woman instead of a man?

I assume you cant use Poisons real sex in the comic, so… can i ask you guys to consider NOT making Poisons sex clear?

Like, never using “she” or “her _____”, instead using “Poison” or “Poisons ____”?

I dont see why they cant make Poison a man, I’m sure there are worse things in comics out there.

Poison would want to be referred to as “she”, even being what she is, and most people would look at her and address her that way anyway.

What I’d like is for some reference to be hidden in the dialogue somewhere that only people who know the truth would catch.

I didnt mean because of “censorship”, i meant because of Capcom of America.

Youre right, but that wouldnt help much… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, that would work.

See the way I understood it, Poison was conceived and designed as a female, just labled a tranny for american audiences under the assumption it would be more acceptable to beat up a transexual than a woman. In which case Poison really is a chick, but like, she had to pose as a tranny in order to get recruited by an American street gang?

Get any Capcom Guide or Artbook and youll see “male” as Poisons sex (see attach). Sure, there was all the big problem with Capcom of America and the issue of “what was the original intention”, but Poison is officially a guy in the end - not a girl posing as guy.

eew. What about Ash Crimson? A dude with breasts? Like a shemale?

WTF are you talking about?

Ash dosnt have breasts, and isnt a she-male.

Ash is just bishonen (pretty male) just like a BUNCH of other fighitng game characters, Vega, Iori, Ky, etc, etc.

Ok ok, in Final Fight Revenge Poison is refferd to as her right? Can anyone confirm this? So if she was designed as a woman, relabled a guy for Capcom USA, and llater reffered to as a woman in a Capcom USA made game, does that make her a chick again?

Dude I swear Ash’s got boobs, just small ones. No one’s pecs do this: http://www.fightersgeneration.com/main.htm

And what’s with the hair band?

There’s a difference between man pretty, gay lookin, and straight up trany style. Ukyo=man pretty, Sogetsu=gay lookin, Amakusa=straight up trany style.

well i for one made up my mind that posion is a lady and not a tranny. After seening her in SF3rdStrike with her voice and all, she is a lady to me now and she was a lady in the 1st place(stupid capcom of america). plus i dont like the confusion part anymore cause i dont know for sure if capcom of america stated that posion is now a lady and not a tranny.:confused:

Capcom of Japan, which created Poison, still list him as male.

Capcom USA ignores that on purpose, because they know how homophobic americans are.

Theres a popular british soccer player (the one thats banging the Spice Girl - whats his name?) that wears a hair-band too. People call men like that “metrossexual”, guys that care about their looks a lot.

I think Capcom USA ignores this because they know how retarded the whole thing is. I’ve seen h-doujin from SvC where Poison wasn’t dickgirled, and that’s all that matters.

Does Capcom USA even know POison’s male?

Its Capcoms idea (and Capcom USAs fault), not mine.

But frankly, ill take Capcom of Japan over Capcom USA any day. I dont need the american versions of “Evil Ryu” and “Akuma”.

Geez, this is so freaking stupid, and nobody has even come close to the right answer, Bowling Pin maybe had the best statement of the whole thread.

Anyways, Poison is completely female, she was a man that had a complete sex-change opperation. The only reason Capcom of Japan lists her as a male is to show/tell that she was once a man.

Example Capcom of Japan lists Poison’s gender as Male, but whenever they refer to her in text (past Poison’s sex change operation) they always refer to her as “she” or “her”

We all know about the “sex change” (cough). :rolleyes:

And okay, so you say the fact they refer to Poison as “male” is not important? Sure… :lol: A guy is a guy.

There are 2987239487987123 more important characters in SF than Poison. Seriously, who cares? At best, she’s going to have some minor cameo role way late into the series. And it’s not like her gender is going to have anything to do with her role in the story either. Hugo isn’t even a major character. Why is his non-playable sidekick getting all this attention?

Poison never underwent a sex-change operation. That was just Capcom of Japan poking fun at Capcom of America’s ignorance. A friend from another board went to work for Capcom on some secret project and told me that they told him that Poison is indeed still a man.

I used to think Poison had the Sex Change up until a few Months ago when TiamatRoar said more or less what he posted above. Poison’s a man. There is also the example that was given on how Poison sounds a lot more feminine in SF3 then she does in Final Fight indicating that Poison had the Sex Change.

But, as what has been revealed to me in a discussion on another forum where this came up, is that Poison having a Sex Change would not make her sound more feminine unless she had said Sex Change during Puberty. Most Trans sound more Feminine over time due to practicing there voice to sound more feminine.

The Comic has done nothing to indicate Zangief is Gay, so they probably won’t do anything to indicate that Poison’s a man.

Course, nothing in the Comic contradicts Zangief being Gay either.