Poisoned snake

Poison promoting Ice Age. If i am not allowed to promote, you can Delete this Rook. My first movie credit. Rad. Maybe not. Opening should be today so check it out if you have the chance.


that was hella random… "poisoned snake"
I’ll just consider this product placement? :stuck_out_tongue:

good art… of a disturbingly hot guy.

Looking nice,

Poison Selling Ice Age is something I thought I’d never see. Saw an Ad for it on the Bus the other day.

Good work!

dang nice

Congratulations SFMC! I never saw the first one, but i will definitely try to see this one.

Quite nice as usual, but it goes the extra set since I’ve seen paint Poison. You painted him…er her…hir immensely well. I’ve a bit an issue with some things about the piece, but they both have to do with composition. (I couldn’t critique on creative expression any other considering what an utter hack I am, but I digress with the whole “pathetic” thing again…so.)

[]I’m somewhat confused about the movie aspect of the piece itself? Is it supposed to be a sign or a poster? If it’s a sign, then I see the nail at the top, but there’s not phallic (I really can’t think of another word, and pole is equally as sexual) base for it. If it’s a poster, then why is the nail going vertical down behind the picture instead of through the picture? It seems like a hodgepodge at this point.
]Since I just realized that I can’t really say anything about the way Poison is leaning on the sign-poster until I know what is, I just have to say this: the handcuffs are nice, but they seem out of place. Not say that a beautiful person that doesn’t act in the movie (and doesn’t even existent) isn’t out of place, but the “sex sells” thing makes that acceptable (however unfortunately). Anyway, I just wanted to say since Poison’s hair is such an unnatural pink color, I don’t think we need the hand-cuffs (which maybe too risque if you’re doing this professionally) to identify hir.

Those are just my opinions though.

So, I want to ask another question that doesn’t have to with critique since you mentioned in the first post and I alluded to in the second above question: You said this was your first promo. Does that mean that you painted this professionally? Or just your first attempt to promote something for the fun of it?

(I somewhat hope it’s the latter since I heard Ice Age 2 wasn’t that good. Should have gone with V for Vendetta [which would have fit with Rolento’s plan actually now that I think about it…] or Silent Hill [since Metro City is almost as fucked up as Silent Hill and there is a prominent female cop in that movie]. Either of those would have made the hand-cuffs more fitting as well…IMO.)

the damned: it’s a promo piece because he’s promiting Ice Age 2, which he worked on at Blue SKy. Pretty sure it’s just done for fun since it’s a capcom char.

Looks so sexy! Only thing I can nitpick is the handcuffs could go grayer with mroe contrast to look like metal like magneto. The colors on the cuff looks like the one on her shirt so it doesn’t register as metal right away for me. Everything else is deadly. Stop beasting! I saved image.

There’s a girl in my speech class that wears skirts that short but doesn’t have the legs for it.

Yeah basically this was just a for fun pic. It’s srk and poison is a capcom based character, so i thought I’d just keep it in that category.

Yeah dfist pretty much summed it up The Damned. Great eyes on the cuffs and shirt value. Man you have learned alot bro. You gotta teach me now haha.