Poisons Overhead



Sorry if this is a stupid question, but can you combo Poisons overhead without it being a counter hit?

All the frame data apps I use state f+mp being -1 on hit, yet I’m sure I’ve seen combo vids using it as an opener to a combo.



Ps, I’m relatively new to USF4 so forgive me for not having certain knowledge others may see as standard SF stuff


its only -1 if they get hit while standing. its entirely different if you hit them crouching. overhead then links into crouching jab on normal hit.


Ahhh, it all makes sense now, thanks cheeriohs.




To be more accurate, the move doesn’t specifically get more frame advantage just because they are crouching. It has like, 10 active frames or something, so it gets more advantage when you hit on later frames. Characters with taller hitboxes when crouching cannot be as easily comboed after the overhead because it will hit them in earlier frames. In general you want to try to land it at it’s maximum distance from the hop, because that’s where you’ll hit with the later frames.


Yea I think on fei long you only get +2 on hit on crouching from point blank range


Another important thing to note is sometimes it’s impossible to combo after the overhead on hit depending characters heights when they’re crouching. Sagat for instance gets hit way too high to be able to combo after overhead on hit.