Poison's whip of love


I’m a fairly new sfxt player, I’m trying to learn poison, the timing on her whip of love seems to be pretty tricky, when the first one hits I almost always get all three out, but if I want to throw them out for pressure I can usually only get 2, if that, the timing seems to be different than other rekkas. My execution is quite good and I never have a problem with any other character in any SF title execution wise, can someone help? Thanks


The timing on it is quite slow. It’s pretty easy to mash out and connect all 3, but requires a bit more precision and timing to only do 1 or 2 if your opponent is blocking. Afaik, isn’t the 2nd rekka unsafe on block?


I think only the third one is unsafe


What exactly do you mean by “when I want to throw them out for pressure, I can usually only get two off” ? Are you trying to do repeated hits of the first part of the rekka, or two of the three rekkas into the third, trying to get all three? Just a little bit confused.

Additionally, the second hit of Poison’s Rekka is -7 on block, so I do not see a reason for using it strategically. If you want to increase your pressure with Poison I would suggest using Love me Tender which can be interrupted but grants you +2 or +3 on block, using her fireball, or CADCing in our out to continue pressure or bait respectively,


Yes I’m trying to get all 3 , consistently


Practice, practice, practice. Getting all 3 rekkas really isn’t that difficult, and there’s no execution tricks to help you other than good timing.


That’s the thing. .when the first one lands, I can execute the other two 98% of the time. .when it doesn’t, maybe 25% of the time I can get 2. .that’s why I was wondering if there was some trick to it


No, not really. But more importantly, why would you want to continue the string if the first one doesn’t hit your opponent? There is no advantage to it. Maybe once a match as a gimmick to try to catch the opponent off-guard, but still…too risky for a character that’s based more on consistent damage.

Or maybe I just completely misunderstand your intentions…


If you’re trying to do 3 rekkas in a row without the first one hitting, you’re doing it extremely wrong. Don’t even try to do 3 rekkas without the first one landing. It’s just a bad idea.

The 2nd and 3rd rekkas should only be done if the 1st rekka actually hits your opponent. Otherwise, you should stop. I’m almost certain the 2nd and 3rd rekkas are always unsafe on block, so you shouldn’t get into the habit of doing that.


Honestly it’s more a OCD kinda thing, because I just have to know everything, yeah I’d never try that in an actual match


You should have no problem finishing her rekkas as the input window for each of them is very lenient, if anything your most likely going too fast or not doing completed motions.