Poke Strings



Anyone know any good poke strings for Guile?

I’ve been using mainly Cr. Jab, St. MP xx Sonic Boom, Cr. MK, St. RH and it’s works most of the time.

Anyone know any others that are good, both in and out of the corner?


I’m guessing you’re talking about block strings.

I use that too. You can even do 2 c.LPs depending on the range. You can follow the Sonic Boom with c.MK/f+HP/far s.HK depending on the situation.
c.LP, c.MP x SB works well two.

I wouldn’t recommend relying on c.MK, far s.HK too much because there’s a huge gap between the two moves. There are a number of characters that can roll/RC/super/etc between those two moves and kill you. Mix it up.
I only use c.MK if I’m out of c.MP range. If I’m within c.LP/c.MP range I’d rather use one of those two moves since they both come out faster than c.MK and they’re both cancelable into SB.


Great point. That’s kinda why I made this thread, I need some more tips on some block strings that I can vary my usual up with.

Do you use NE to link the c.MP to the SB? I don’t but I hear the success rate is much better.


c.MP x SB is a cancel, not a link.
IMO there isn’t really a point in negative edging c.MP. Worst case scenarion you’ll get c.MP x MP SB, which isn’t too bad (c.MP x HP SB is better).

However, I do recommend negative edging when you combo into Total Wipeout. Negative edging c.LP/c.MP will prevent you from getting a SB by accident.