PokeMMO: No bull****. Just the future


I probably should’ve made this here before upping it on the GD thread.



pokemmon?? Just the future… hic hic…you probably thread.



Nigga, are you wasted?




This shit would consume my life. :eek:


Sadly, it uses a Firered ROM. Obviously, no ROM is legal. So I’m assuming this will most likely be shutdown in the near future by Nintendo. The idea behind it is something I would play the shit out of and should be officially developed.


I’ve always thought of this idea for the Megaman Battle Network games. Could be dat new crack.


There’s always http://pokemonshowdown.com/ which is the dueling network for pokemon imo.

Though this does look pretty neat, I might download it for nostalgia purposes



What. The. Fuck.

I pitched this same exact idea to one of the CMs a couple days ago in-game.

Dude said he’d love to be a part of that. :pray:


Oh yes… Just take out all the tedious stuff you do OUTSIDE of battle.



I’m guessing you haven’t played this MMO yet…

The majority of the tedious overworld shit that was in FireRed has been taken care of.

What would stop them from doing the same to any of the MMBN games?



I have played the MMO and I liked that. I am just saying MMBN would be amazing if it focused more on the core gameplay itself, I am not saying they can’t do that. They did a great job with the pokemon MMO and I wouldn’t expect anything less if they made a BN MMO.

Also, I hope Nintendo doesn’t mind the donations they get for this game.


I used to play the f*** out of this game, but then it got boring.