Pokemon distrobution carts 3x


selling everything i own to pay for some emergency bills looking for 100 each or 275 for all three.


first 2 are for celebi and and shiny suicune shiny entei shiny raikou the last one has jirachi and spikey eared pichu
first 2 work for soul silver and heart gold
last one works for pearl diamond and platinum


Considering u can get these Pokemon traded on gamefaqs and then cloned for mass distribution ur prices seem high


going off of what i saw on ebay last month they sell for 150-250 each on there but i dont have time for ebay and fees


What exactly do these things do?


you know when places like toys r us or gamestop offer special pokemon for limited times? they use these ds cartridges and distribute them that way.


that’s so much for them .
I would of boughten them in a heartbeat if the price was more reasonable


With the recently leaked and hacked ROM for the Pokemon Distribution Cart (which is used to send Event Pokemon via WiFi at TRU/GAMESTOP), anyone with a DS "FLASH ROM device can easily create their own Nintendo Pokemon Distribution event. This means that any hacker can easily generate unlimited number of 100% authentic Event Pokemon at anytime."

So they’re actually not worth that much.


Well then 100 for all 3 then