Pokemon Ghost...

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What it is if you don’t want to click the link is a pokemon hack that this guy supposedly found (and conveniently lost) that involves having the Ghost from Lavender Town as your pokemon. It’s invincible and it’s a beast, but there is a price to pay. I’m not going to spoil the story any further. It’s just too hella creepy and it reminds me why 16bit titles and back creeped me out more than our high def horror games do.

A crackpot team is assembling to recreate this hack with Fire Red. But with the story already told, what’s the point?

The final battle/moral of the story is don’t do to others what you don’t want upon yourself.

Sure, until you find out…


that the damn Ghost will kill you in the end even if you don’t kill anyone. It’s nice to read a horror story with an awful outcome. Someone always gets away but not this time. The idea of seeing an empty world with only tombstones as a reminder of people and your victories is a discomforting feeling. That one wanted to win so bad that he/she were willing to kill for it.

Already knew. Everyone uses the ghost the first time around. You’re only supposed to play the game once.

It’s been so long since I’ve played pokemon. That song on the page is haunting.

Ugh. Lavender Town. I hated that music for ages.

After reading this story I found another story of an alleged Pokemon Silver hack.


That is freaking messed up…whoever thought of this is a genius…a demented genius.