Pokemon Go thread: If i miss that zubat one more time


Ok sooooo this fucking game has broken the internet. It seems like its easily become too big to just be in the regular pokemon thread. Shits surpassed almost every app, taken down youporn of all things…and helping us discover the wonderful world of dead bodies lmfao. So lets do this.

-its really awesome to see all these crazy sites in my state ive never known about because of this game. it feels really weird and awesome at the same time.

-two dead bodies have been discovered from the game:

-pokemon go the biggest mobile game in us history

-pokemon go surpasses twitter…lol…people use twitter to help in fucking wars people


I refuse to download it


Does pokemon really need 3 different threads?


you’ll be off the cia’s radar that way.

yes. go has aloooot of shit going on with it. we already know another two games are coming. just easier.


Yes. Each subculture of Pokemon is big enough to warrant their own threads IMO


I want to register a Poke Stop in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, but they done taking submissions. :^(


jeez already? lol pokestop or gym? cause according to imgur a battle went down in the middle of the waters lol.


I should label my apt the youngster Joey spot, nothing but Ratatta and pidgey yoo :confused:


i saw a pretty cool idea of dropping lures around childrens hospitals for kids who are too sick to leave.




I was about to catch a Zubat and my pickup came, ffs. Couldn’t this dick have arrived 20 seconds later?


this game is life, met so many ppl thru it alrdy

if youre not naming your pokemon something amusing to leave behind at gyms then wtf r u doing w ur fkn lyfe m8




100% battery in PGO? Looks shopped to me :coffee:

But yeah this game is like crack, I’ve been taking some extra detours while out running/walking just to see if I’ll find another mon before I get home :tup:




This shit is fiyyyyyaaaa


You’re a nerd, geek, pathetic really. I’m gonna do the same.


Hatched a 10 km egg. Shit was a fucking eevee. Out of all the damn Pokemon why??!!


Well that’s some fucking bullshit, Samsung Galaxy S4 won’t run it.


If any of you are Tmobile users… free unlimited data ONLY for Pokemon Go for 1 year with Tmobile Tuesdays app next week.

Yeah I’m not sure why eevee is even in a 10km egg because I see him all over the place.