Pokemon Image Requests

I found these 2 pictures about a year ago of all the pokemon females; well, one had all the women in Kanto/Johto the other had all the women from Hoen and I’m pretty sure sinnoh and it was set to be some pool party.

I saved them to my old computer, but since I got a new computer I didn’t copy them over to my new computer cause I figured they’d be relativly easy to find and I already got rid of my old computer, SO, I’ve been searching for about a week using every search I could think of and have gotten nothing.

The reason I ask for such a simple (and stupid requests) is because I wanted to use the two pictures for custom stick designs I plan on putting money towards in the near future. So I’d like to have the art (well, and the money lol) before I make any serious decisions.

Any and all help is appreciated.


need the sugimori stuff or some kind of fanart?

It LOOKED like Fan Art. But I’m not sure.

I know I’ll recognize them if you posted either version(s)


most of the sugimori official art,the girl trainers should be there i guess

If it’s not any trouble could you post the fan art too?

Thanks again for the link.


I don’t have any :sweat:

Haha. No worries.

Thanks again.

And sorry if my description of the pictures seemed kinda…yeah, shitty. lol. Hopefully that link you gave me will help.