Pokemon/Street Fighter Av request

Can anyone help me of realizing my dream of having Pikachu and Ryu in the same avatar? Something flashy and catchy with my name in it.


well if you provide the pics il lbe willing if ya want nothing to crazy though

unbump unbump unbump:annoy: :mad: :nunchuck:

will this do?

here my take on this…hope you like it…

Shizuma_15 & Level 3, I am over here LMAO. I like them both and I will use both of them. Thanks for the avs. The only way I can repay your gratitude is by giving you membership into C.O.P.A… Even if you don’t like phat asses. :lovin: :lovin:

oh shit son! i love dem phat asses:lovin:

count me in!!