Poke'mon Television Show to finally come to an end this year

After the announcement of the two new games in the series, Pokmon Black and White:

Source: http://kotaku.com/5518478/current-pokemon-anime-series-coming-to-an-end

Well, if any of you like me grew up in the 90s you’ll definitely remember how huge this cartoon was, considering many kids even in this generation are watching the cartoon.

I was a fan of the games but not so much the show… How do you feel?


what, who is that girl? where’s misty? why is brock still with those foos? and why do these new pokemon look gay as hell?

I obviously haven’t watched it in 9 years or so but I’ll definitely give the last episode a watch.

uhhh the article said current series to end. theres gonna be a new show. learn to read

Well, from the way they wrote it, it sounds like they’re re-booting the franchise. They indicated Black and White as “new franchise”.

You might be right but I seem to have understood that it won’t be the same characters.

If Ash comes back, that nigga better step up his game and learn some new shit. Spinning and flipping gets old pretty fast.

Reading comprehension fail is strong.

Just another shitty diversion to a show that should have ended after the Indigo League (original 151 Pokemon for life!!!11111).

The manga’s are better. The Anime has more filler than DBZ and One Piece put together.

Not really. Last time he and Ash battled he beat Ash but was humble about it. He retired from a trainer to become a researcher to follow in Professor Oaks foot steps.


is gary still a punk ass bitch?

lol@ being confused…this is like flipping out because power rangers ended its season for a new set of rangers.

GTFO with that shit. Natures, the bigger move pool and the fact that Thunder Punch actually uses the ATK stat, instead of Special, made subsequent games waaaaaaaaay better.

Seriously, did you guys forget about getting raped by teams of level 255 Alakazams?


Yea I agree. The next 100 were ok but Gold and Silver (the games) were the best in the series. Infact I read an article recently where most of the design team thought that Gold/Silver were going to be the last ones. That’s why they’re so damn good. Then Nintendo decided to whore out and do Crystal and it all went downhill from there.

This was the last “new” episode I saw. I shook my head in disgust.

A nice, humble Gary? GTFO with that bullshit.

I wonder if Paul is coming back, he was D/P’s Gary Oak of the old days. Where he rode with bitches and was a cocky SOB.

where’s angelpalm’s anti-pedo post? he must be asleep.

Not really. Gary/Ash was more of a friendly rivalry since they were child hood friends. Gary was just more immature about it. Plus he had the bitches and car.
Paul is just a dick and disregards the well being of his pokemon. He uses them for battling and proving he’s the best and the strongest. Nothing else. Gary actually cared about the well being of his pokemon while Paul is just whatev about them.

he owned ash so bad he had a bored expression from winning too much and decided to troll ash forever by becoming a proffessor of pokemon. I don’t think someone in anime has been owned so hard, that even surpasses a dbz ownage

title was misleading…plus we have a pkmn thread…

Pokemon was dead to me ever since Charmander evolved.