What pokes work well on specific characters?

In general, far standing Forward, standing Roundhouse, and ducking Forward. Against certain characters like Makoto and Dudley, use ducking Fierce to beat their pokes. Far standing Strong and ducking Strong can help you against Urien. For Chun, stick mainly with ducking Forward with an occasional standing Roundhouse to trade.

what does strong and ducking strong beat on urien again?

Crouching Strong beats Urien’s low Forward, while standing Strong… I forgot, to be honest.

Standing strong will stuff a standing hp if you time it shortly after he throws his out. Also, crouching strong will beat uriens crouching roundhouse in some situations.

standing foward will do that too and it’s quicker and better

s.MK for t3h W1N! :cool:


Chun always gives me problems when it comes to poking her

i usually trade with s.rh against chun…other than that i too am stumped =/

s.hk on Chun is utter suicide. It’s -5 on block for starters. That’s you reversal supered if she’s got meter. Also it’s -4 on standing hit, and -3 on crouching hit. Still supered.

On the upside, almost noone I’ve played seems to know this. Try and get away with it.

Not to mention she can crouch it. While crouching, she can attack you with c.mk easily, which is also a free super

i use uoh, low foward, and sometimes sparringly standing forward a lot (i dunno why). you should play really defensivley vs her though, and when she gets meter and you don’t have it yet, run/turtle smartly, oro has really good tools to run/turtle.

thats why i only use it when she doesnt have meter =P

can anyone give me any advice againt makoto’s…i seem to have a really hard time with them

mmmm, use low fierce (credits to jinrai), that beats a lot of makoto’s shit, also it beats some duds stuff too as i have seen japs use it on dud a lot but be careful about spamming it on dudley because he can stand right outside it’s range and s.rhxxxex.mgbxxx(whatever combo) and you’re in the corner.
for some reason though, makoto dosn’t give me much trouble, and when she does, i throw out a couple of d.fierce to make them back off as it beats a lot of random shit that she tries the throw out (dash punches, low forward, dash ins)

How are poke strings supposed to be used correctly?

Thats kind of a bizarre question but Ill suppose ill give it a stab. If your talking about blocked strings, and im assuming you are. It usually works out like this, you get in on the opponent, say with a jump in mk, he blocks a close standing lk, and now you have some options, you could tick kara throw with roundhouse, throw out another standing lk to keep him in block stun, uoh, etc. I usually stick with jmp in mk, standing lk, standing lk, then a fierce, roundhouse, or forward. Then once the oppenent gets used to the block strings and thinks hes gonna parry thats when I throw out the kara throw, usually following it up with a air ex fireball, so that I can dash forward and keep the pressure on. For the most part though your not gonna be spending alot of time on the offensive, I tend to stay back and wiff normals/throw fireballs for the beginging of the round (except for yun and chun) hoping to aggrevate the opponent into making the first move. I would say that his mix up game with the kara is really good, I catch people alot with it, but stick with being on the defensive, oro is much more dangerous when the opponents doing the guessing and your reacting.