PokesYOU A groove Q&A thread


PokesYOU’s A groove Q&A thread.

Okay, well, I made this thread because I notice most frequently that ppl have questions about A groove and most of the time I answer them. So…yeah thats pretty much it. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I figure I should start off by mentioning that CC’s don’t have to fall victim to CA’s. Each character has their own setup against each other character’s CA, in which the A groove character counters the CA.

I’ll start off with Sakura considering she’s so popular. :stuck_out_tongue:

VS. Blanka:
Just keep CCing through it.

VS. Yun+Kyosuke+Balrog:
When you see the CA flash cancel the DP into cr. forward. Yun goes over u, and when he lands continue with st. RH into fierce dp’s.

VS. Yamazaki:
Do a RH hurricane kick during the counter attack. Yamazakis counter is the sandkick, the hurricane goes completely over it.

VS. Guile:
Cancel the dp into cr. short x2, st. RH…continue the CC.

VS. Dhalsim + Chang + Rolento:
Do a forward hurricane as their counter attacks come out. This will hit them before their counter attacks end. When you land do a st.fierce and repeat dp’s.

VS. Ryu+Ken+Cammy+Sakura+Morrigan:
Roll when the CA flashes and , st. RH when they land , repeat DP cc.

VS: Akuma:
Mash on cr. strong when the CA flashes, st. RH…repeat DP’s(Note: u have to have the strongs hit during the CA startup animation, thats why I said to mash on it, the timing is strict.)

VS Chun-Li:
do st. fierce when the CA flashes, both the fierce and CA whiff each other. Then u continue the DP right after. But this also brings up another point. This enables ur opponent 3 choices.
1)get Guard crushed
2)Try to hit u and CA all dayand waste meter
3)Take the DP cc
#2 makes ur opponent waste meter making Chun more vulnerable if she loses her lvls.

VS. Bison:
Cancel the DP into DP+rh…this will hop you over Bison,cancel the hop immediately to land directly behind him and st. RH…continue cc.

VS. Vega:
This setup is a little different.
Do Far st. Rh(like tip of shoe far) walk forward, repeat until they counter attack. The counter attack won’t reach you and u can do an AA cc on Vega.

VS. Eagle:
Same Yamazaki setup. RH hurricane goes over the sticks.

VS. Zangief:
This was the only setup i could find.
Fireball super when the CA flashes. Other than that Zangiefs CA is solid.

VS. Dan:
far Cr. RH, RH hurricane…repeat.
What happens is if your opponent counters u on the first hit, the RH hurricane goes through. If they counter the cr. Rh the Koryuken whiffs. They have to CA on the 2nd hit of the hurricane.

VS. MAki:
Roll through the CA, when u recover immediately do a reversed jab dp…continue AA cc.

VS. Honda:
Hondas setup is really weird. It comes out really fast and recovers really fast.
Fierce DP, roll when CA flashes…repeat process.
This gives your opponent the same choices as the Chun choices listed above.

Oh, any opinions are welcome etc…u get the idea.
BTW…I’ll list the SNK characters setups tomorrow.


What’s the secret to A-Akuma? Why is Subway top-tier in your opinion?


why don’t more people use A-iori? he seemed to be hot when the game first came out, but then people stopped using him for whatever reason. sure he has a tough matchup against honda, blanka, and bison, he is still extremely good. RC rekka, one of the shortest crouching sprites, versatile and damaging CC’s, tons of scum gale setups, etc

why aren’t people using him more?


Well…I don’t have actual evidence as of why ppl don’t use him. But I figure it’s because nobody sees Iori win big time tournies. Also, as you said, he has a hard matchup against Honda, Iori, Blanka, and Bison, and I just think that ppl cut and paste strats these days. So they just take what wins.

For example, look back to EVO2k2. Ken’s A groove Yun. Before that we never heard anything about Yun owning up top tier characters/players. But after EVO, everyone started using Yun because they saw him win. People just copied after that. Ken on the other hand made his own strats against the top tiers, and made Yun a winner.
Thats what I think.


A Iori, Rolento, Bison (r2) was the most popular A groove team when the game first came out and remained so until around after evl2k2 where everyone ditched Iori for Sakura. she can do almost everything Iori do, (good RCs, good b&b, better pokes), superior CC and she has much less bad matchups.

same reason why people ditched Rolento for Blanka. most stuff Rolento can do, blanka can do better.

still tho, dont underestimate A Iori and Rolento


i’m having trouble with A-Akuma vs A-Sakura. Help.



Sakura(your opponent) is going to try to keep you away because unless A AKuma is in close, he can’t get a CC off. So what you have to do is make her whiff a st. RH, or anything else, then go for the CC.

Throw some air fireballs to make her come forward. cr. short x2, st. short, demon flip grab, land short hurricane x2, teleport behind, crossup forward kick, normal punch or kick throw. this is to make ur opponent try to attack you and u can make him whiff something then you can go for the cc setup.

You can make her whiff things with st. jab, st. strong, make her jumpin by doing cr. forward, fierce fireball. Then switching it up by doing cr. RH, jab fireball(Watch out to see if your opponent has meter). Dash in cr. short x3, dash back, short hurricane , land, they try to attack, you block, you trip into short hurrican x2=cc activate.


how can you know so much about a game and still loose all the time (espically to people who know nothing about it - i.e. me)

i guess that’s not really related to A-groove but it’s close enough


::Sakura VS. SNK characters::

VS. Kyo/Iori/Rugal/Benimaru/Kim/Joe/Athena/Hibiki/Terry/Ryo/
Roll behind when the CA comes out, st.RH x2 repeat DPs.

VS. Geese/Mai/Raiden/Todo/Nakoruru:
Roll behind when CA flashes…repeat DP again. Both their CA’s are fast, so you would have to make them lose meter by making them CA when you repeat the dp’s then roll behind again. Or do a fireball super when the CA flashes.

Rock/Yuri/Vice: Have none

For probably all of these you would have to bait the CA then CC through it.
Other than the characters listed in my first post, these SNK characters have really good CA’s that Sakura can’t do anything about.


oh really, nothing at all? how many tournaments have you entered. i bet you know nothing about ggxx and mvc2 as well yet you enter just about every tournament at the break. i’ve seen you jd several reps of the sakura cc when you played ricky, you have beaten decent players in the past. to claim ignorance not only belittles everyone you have ever played it also makes you look insignificant. you should show a little more respect to the other players and to yourself, that is what the EC scene needs the most right now.


it’s true tho, i just have lame gimmicks that seem to work - in ggxx i mash on standing slash and do one combo. mvc2 i think i won 2 matches in a tournament in my whole life. don’t know any combos at all in cvs2 or anything about priority or match ups so like i don’t think i’m underestimating just telling the truth.

you seen me play ggxx i don’t even know how to burst or get a green orb around me and i still beat people who been playing it since it came out - something wrong there


have you considered the possibility that your ability to pick up on “lame gimmicks” indicates a heightened ability to learn, and that your random wins might not be so random? lol


Rsigley: Why are you bashing and hating on Pokesforyou?? He’s just trying to start a thread to help othe A groovers…you are trying to sound like your the shit…but just another EC scrub on the come up…lol…



Pokes is just trying to startup a thread for other a groovers like myself, who may not be so knowlegable about certain aspects of our groove. What is the point of you posting something just to belittle the man ? Your the kind of poster srk ( and any other helpful forum for that matter) can do without. Be gone…

Anyways pokes i have a question. Ive seen others combo into sak’s shoshosho from a crouching or standing jab. Ive repeatdly tried to make this link work but to no avail. Any timing tips on that combo that might be helpful?


I’m not PokesYOU but…

Most links off her jabs will work if you stick a CC in between them.

After 1 jab you can CC, then do close fierce, or c.fierce. then s.RH into shoshoshosho.

But the most practical setup you’ll prolly take advantage of is d.short, d.jab, CC, d.forward, s.RH, shoshoshosho. Especially after a crossup.

I dunno about timing tips. Activate CC the moment you recover from your jab, and press the button for your next attack the moment you recover from activation. That’s really all there is to it. I guess you could try that double tap stuff, but I find it doesn’t help me too much. just don’t mash… not only do you look like a fool, I find it’s terrible for really precise timings.


This is exactly what I do and yes, you activate as soon as the jab recovers. Its probably a little better to do it off of st. jab, for directional purposes, you don’t want to do a trip instead of st. RH, right?..lol

It goes like this…
cr. short, st. jab, (wait-recover),activate, shoshosho etc

The st. jab recovers 10 frames before your opponent. That’s plenty of time to activate and etc.

So…uhh…yeah :slight_smile:


huh i was just curious because like i said i’m horrible and wanted to know why he can’t beat me even tho he obviously knows all this stuff about frames and match ups which would give someone a huge advantage, i thought this was a general cvs2 question thing not just A groove my bad.

i just asked a simple question with an answer he didn’t have ot answer no reason to jump all over me because i was curious


robsigley has never lost to alex a. ever. ever ever ever.


also have never beat bryheem ever. ever ever ever.


yeah and he knows less about the game than anybody. after level3 tiger raids he always tries the tiger uppercut. its funny cuz the only person that would let him in on the big secret is julian who also knows nothing about the game.