Pokey86's QACV: Quiz Answer Combo Video

To everyone who took the quiz

Here are the answers to the insane quiz (8:20)

For anyone who can’t be bothered to watch a combo/explenation vido then you can view text answers below

The overall winners were “hoog” & “lunaid” If either of you want me to make a unique combo for any specific character then just post them up here. If you don’t really care about the prize then no worries. It’s a pretty pants prize anyway. (But i’ll keep my word)


Answer is D Those are actually stated by Dormammu as one of his unique special attacks. (In MvC3)

Answer is B, though she can get 2 Crouch HP Reps against him, she is not able to produce a meaty LK Tatsu. (Both of which are possibly against Yun, & lesser known but still possible against Viper.)

Answer is C. As this safe jump is not a “3 Frame” safe jump it is not subject to the same rules. Thankfully Balrog has very slow wake up options. His Ultra 2, however, is too fast.

Super - Goes Under
Ultra 2 - Takes a dropkick to the face
LP Headbutt - Connects, all others whiff
EX Rush punches (any) - Goes under, if Seth uses MK as his neutral attack Seth will do focus damage.
U1 - Goes under
Turn Punch - Blocked

Answer is C. The Strongest Ultra in the game is a whopping 603 with Makoto buffed by her Super.

Answer is D it’s not well known but T.Hawk’s Normal Rising Tomohawks are actually 2 hits, both doing full damage, (HP is 2 X 160) the second one simply does not have the JP to hit. My original answer for B was "Sagats Tiger Scar HP Uppercut VS Gens Crane Crouch HP (Counterhit) which deals an amazing 338 damage. Gens Counterhit damage appears to have been increased in AE to 88% instead of the normal 25%. (If i recall it use to be 75%)

The Correct answer is D With Evil Ryu, you can be further way from the opponent & Close MK will still come out, though far MP will come out if you try MP. Seth has a very useful hitbox. With a shallow jump in you can still cancel in to Close MP.

The Answer is B. Guy sais this, no wonder he’s so skinny.

The answer is C, you can absorb up to 7 projectiles, making her Super strongest than most projectile Ultras. Her Ultra 2 gains a boost, but only on one of the orbs.

The answer is B or D, using Yangs Super you are capable of forcing him to hit you during his hitstun, which counts as a full combo when the Ultra is triggered.

The Answer is B. Yun can cancel the shoulder in to Super but can only do one more attack, or perform his Super -> Ultra (Which maintains juggle potential) & then do one more attack. Zonk Knuckle removes juggle potential in all instances & Seths EX Tanden creates a standing juggle state in which another hit puts them in the next juggle level.

Hope you enjoyed them, if i waste my time & wasting yours with it :stuck_out_tongue: