Poking into u1 or U2



Is this possible? Ive just picked up Ken, so Im pretty scrubby. Please list possible ways to combo into either ultra. All Ive found is a couple 1 frame options, Im looking for something more…reliable.Thanks in advance guys


For such character specific questions, please use the SF4 character forums.



Ken is a bit tricky when it comes to comboing into his ultras. He can only reliably combo into a full ultra 1 off of a counter hit fp.srk > fadc > u1. Of course he can also combo into a raw ultra off of a focus attack crumple or a jump in fp\rh (also works for ultra 2). All set ups requiring good reads. Ultra 1 is also really good to use as a reversal ultra against an opponent dumb enough to just raw ultra you. The invincibility on ultra 1 beats out a lot of other ultras.

Ultra 2 has several ways to combo into it, a few of them not practical like the one frame links you must have seen. The easiest way go combo into ultra 2 is off of a fireball fadc’d into it. So basically any combo you can end with a fireball you can fadc into ultra 2. Ultra 2 also goes through projectile moves except for Oni’s ultra 1. So make a good read or reaction to a fireball and you will ultra right through it.


Thanks for the response guys. I’ve been using j.hk/j.hp ultra 2, it’s the most reliable one that I’ve found so far. It does seem like his options with his ultras are a little limited (in terms of being reliable).


I was on my phone bro, I thought I was on the Ken forums. Sorry man.


When you’re midscreen you can Red fadc either a fierce DP or crouching fierce into Ultra one.

Is it me, or does anyone else find it easier to fireball fadc into Ultra 2?


You can cross up j.mk into ultra 2 or also ex tatsu/crossup ex tatsu to ultra 2. I mostly use ken’s ultra 2 against projectile characters so I can punish them at 3/4 of the screen if they tend to throw out random fireballs. Otherwise I prefer using ultra 1 and with the damage buff it does around 430-450 damage with a single jump-in (e.g. J.HP/HK > cl.HK > HP SRK > FADC > Ultra 1).


Red focus eh? nice. Its pretty cool that 99% of the cast gets a free Ultra if theyre willing to spend 3 stock.