Poking patterns...blocked strings?



i’ve been using geese for as long as i’ve been playing.
still cant get a good poking game in with him
i’ve been always hearing that he’s got good pokes…
enlighten me
i use geese in k and a
some things i use are
far roundhouse, middle counter for cr fierce happy sagats
lp lp cr mk reppuken
after a crossup cr lp cr fp mp repukken
how can i keep my strings long?
esp to guard crush when im raged


c.jab, c.jab, c.roundhouse, repuken… this combo will connect if it lands, if they tech get up they will hit repuken…



c.jab, c.jab, twd.fierce xx qcf.jab
c.jab, c.jab, c.roundhouse xx qcf.jab
c.jab, s.fierce, qcf.jab

u can do the hcb.kick move but its a bit risky


how about longer blocked strings to keep the pressure on the enemy?
problem with my k geese is i cant get close to start guard crushing when im raged


ok, ill do it like this, c.jab, c.jab ->run c.jab -> run, c.jab, c.jab ->run, c.jab, c.jab, twd.fierce xx qcf.jab

likte this

and if u know that if ur oponent will do a c.roundhouse or a sagat the c.fierce u can cancel the twd.fierce with gesses counter


ok i more or less get the idea
but i guess i’ll have to give k shelve k geese geese rock aside first
im experimenting with a sakura, bison + (geese, akuma, kyo, ken, eagle, occasionally hibiki)
i know this is a geese thread but any ideas?


learn paint the fence and the sakura custom, paint the fence has so much setups that u can do it in any given situation


tsk obviously i have those combos down
im just looking for a more suitable char to put in that team


take another topt tier^^


tsk i dont really wanna be another generic
a groove sak/bison/(insert blanka sagat cammy)
i’ve been fooling ard though
if i can do hibiki’s custom then she’s in