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Hi guys. New Giefster here.

Just wondering, how can I learn to poke consistently to get in? I find myself taking a lot of damage when i’m working my way in. Is there anything I can do in training mode to help me improve?

Right now, the only way I get in is EXGH. Either a psychic one (which, when my yomi fails me, I end up eating a combo), or against scrubs who mash their pokes. Which is why so far, I can only beat them. Reaction-wise, i’m slow, so I find it hard to react with an EXGH. Also, due to this style, I usually spend the first 30 seconds building meter from lariat. But I take a lot of FB damage because of this.

What can I do?


you just named your first 3 problems you need to improve…

no more psychic EXGH
need to improve your reaction time
and no more taking dmg from FBs while you lariat


fadc some fireballs.

dont let them get comfortable throwing out fireballs and zoning you…which is what happens if you sit back and lariat all day.

apply the pressure, stand your ground, and keep trying to push them back with your presence…think of yourself as a moving wall…

  1. If you absorb a fireball, just block or hop the next one…don’t do multiple absorbs…it adds up.

  2. if they are poking…POKE BACK. Gief has awesome normals, all of them have some significant use (well s.mk isn’t significant but it has a use). Gief also has three moves in particular that help him move fwd…d/f mk/rh and s.rh. Learn how to do those and space them. D/f rh especially has GREAT range (try that in training) and while it won’t beat Balrog’s d.rh - it does a good job of helping you ‘offensively advance’.

  3. Learn the short jump.

  4. Practice baiting.

  5. There is one major reason why I like Gief more than any other character. He’s simple. He doesn’t ‘live’ off superior execution (yes it makes him better don’t get me wrong). He lives off match-ups and strategy…he’s a knowledge based character (which is why he’s alwasy been the scrub killer). Make sure ou know and understand the major match-ups, and then learn to bait them into your strategy. Take Akuma for instance. ‘Most’ Akuma’s you fight (especially online) are just air FB spammers. they play some form of keep away using the air fbs…because they take up alot of space. but they have their short comings…you can jump over them just like any other fireball, and Akuma will NOT be in a position to counter. Sure he can attack you, but your safe…you can block. So you use PATIENCE and simply work your way in, jumping over fireballs, and EXGH ONLY when he does a fb at the wrong height (or if you do it real early on his jump your under him with enough time to land a lariat…yay for knockdown…boo for good akumas tping on wake-up :sad: ). Don’t just mindlessly try and lariat or absrob thru all teh FBs. Understand you have a LONG clock, he’s SCARED of you, you have the most hp in the game, and when you finally DO get in, the damage you do is uncomparable. Patience man, can’t stress it enough. Think on every move you do, don’t react, cause then you get lulled to sleep and catch an ultra or something while lariating.

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As has been stated, st.hk, forward crouch hk, and forward crouch mk are all great moves to advance on your opponent. I particularly like st.hk against the characters that keep you back with their st.hk (Sagat and Bison in particular). If you time it right, you can let them whiff their kick and then plant your boot in their face…its extremely satisfying, gets you in range, and makes them more hesitant about mashing the hk button.

Really? What do you use it for? Its the only ground move of his I don’t really use…


Jump happy folks…the kind who after blocking a chain…immeidatly want to jump back. Its not a z0mg move, but because of the lag on it, if someone stops blocking to try and jump or do a counter attack thats NOT a true reversal, they eat the st.mk…works ALOT against scrub shotos. Its not something you want to just ‘keep’ out there, but you tag more people than you’d think with it…especially folks blocking low. truth be told the only Gief normal I never use on purpose is his st.hp…I have yet to find a real use for that, when I do it, its purely because I messed up execution on something heh.

And co-sgn kicking Bison/Sagat/Chun-Li/Balrog in the face as satisfying.

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I just use st.mp for the exact same thing you described. Its a great move to put out there and punish someone who jumps back or dashes back on wakeup, and much safer than going for the big boot (st.hk). Does st.mk do more damage? I know for sure its not as fast as st.mp.

I forgot about hp…I also rarely use that, although its a fun way to end the match on someone who is dizzied.


I agree w/ Unreallystick alot! Im a heavy user of pokes with my Gief and the only one that I absolutley do not ever use is that damn st.HP. The only time im ever hitting HP at all is for j.HP or HP headbutt.

Also, on the real…people are sleeping on that st.MK. I actually use this poke very often. Its all about the hanging hitbox. st.MP will hit faster but st.MK will linger. But don’t throw it out…willy nilly.


Yeah thats the thing about s.mk verse s.mp…s.mp is quick…so unless you force yourself to break the timing of the combo/chain, they block the whole thing. You throw the s.mk out there abd ‘bop’.

Also, when playing someone with a REAL aggresive footsy game…espeically those with good c.mk, if you stick it out pre-emptively, it often snuffs their attempt as the think “hey the move is retracting” but in reality the hitbox for it just lags/lingers longer than you really think. Just give it a whirl against some footsy folks and at the end of blocked chains.

though to be honest I want to try and get the s.mp, u/f->f jab spd down, cause then I should be able to do something like

blocked c.jab
SPD and actually connect

But for now, the s.mk is my anti-footsy move of choice.

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Oooo! Didn’t think about that, im gonna have to work on that. Sounds like something I could get alot of hate from.:smokin:


Ah…I do remember this property of st.mk. It all makes sense to me now.


yea pretty much everything Unreallystick said is right on the money. you can lways tell the difference between giefs who know what they are doing and giefs who dont, because gief’s who do use most of giefs normals and giefs who dont use larait like its a normal. i presonally dont really larait all that much unless im using it as an anti-air or im full screen and avoiding chip damage from a 2 hit fireball, if its 1 hit ill usually fadc though it or jump it or even just block it. using larait so much is a habbit new gief players need to break becuas when they face better comp, they will take tons of damage by doing poorly spaced/ unsafe larait. ESPICALLY if your using PPP larait. if you are going to just thow it out there, switch to KKK because most people wont react in time to punish it and its the best way to build meter when your out of range.

another way which hasnt been mentioned is whiffing light GH. covers great distance quickly and you can buffer 360/720 during it no problem. plus you can break fireballs with it which is super useful if you can time it right. its a bit tricky but you get the hang of it and when it break a fireball and land ultra…well its a damn beautiful sight. but be care with it as lots of players will be expecting it and will react before you can spd. and dont even think about hitting them with regular GH as its very punishable, even if they dont block it.


I’ve never been good at doing gh->ultra…not from a execution standpoint but from a…make it useful againt decent comp - angle.

I’m hoping to generate some hate with it too if it works…haven’t tested it though, just thinking that with the s.mp->spd trick with range, it also should create the extra ‘time’ necessary to count as a ‘tick’. we’ll see :thumbsup:

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yea i dont land it very often, but i still do on occasion. your right most better comp is sitting on you whiffing GH waiting to punish so catching them by surprise usually wont happen. but if i can anticipate a FB and crush it, then its ultra time and becomes much more useful and not just a blind shot hoping for the best. but yea mostly im either doing jab SPD after GH, or nothing.


st. mp is your friend.


Yeah if you can psychic the fbs its GREAT…bt because I play predominatnly online…psychic is really ‘guess’. Should be sexy though with practice offline.

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I’m a master at this.





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Yah I find that I spam Lariat a lot. I beat scrubs easily, mostly because of the damage we Giefsters do, when we guess correctly and hit them with the Ultra its usually game over for them. But as for decent players, I take a lot of damage getting in.

On a side note, I got my ass kicked by an Akuma today. When I finally got in, I couldn’t do anything as he does a wake up teleport. Is there anything I can do, eg. grab or hit him in the start up of his teleport?