Pokken Hori Pro Pad...Want to add LED's


Can anyone help out? I am trying to add led lighting to a Pokken hori pad to sort of mimic the arcade controller. Would it be a difficult task? Can it be done?

Thanks in advance.


According to https://twitter.com/amageles/status/711631698321137664/photo/1, the PCB actually has inputs for LEDS and there are even moldings to place the LEDS


Awesome! Thanks. Any info helps. I’m hoping to add some to my pad. I’ll try and see if those pcb inputs are active.


Doesn’t mean it would work, just that there spots for LEDs


Even so it’s not hard to take some resistors and connect the leds to usb vcc and gnd.


I am just not sure what effects they want to replicate. As I don’t know what the Game pad does in the Arcade Cab version of Pokken.
But you are right.


Pretty sure its just the translucent red section lights up. I doubt there are any special effects but I could be wrong.


The arcade pad lit up white LEDs and had a vibration feature (I played it back when it was at Round One).


I doubt you could restore a LED light feed back response.
It is possible they had issues and it was easier to leave out the LEDs than to fix the issue.
Making it just light up should not be too much, assuming the PCB inside did not drawl too much power.


This is what I’ll be trying out. Not looking for any special effects, just want it to light up. I just have to see what LED’s and resistors to purchase. Does anyone know what are the VOLTS coming from the wii u to the USB VCC input? Is there anyway I can test it and find out myself?


USB has a 5 volt standard.


So I am unburying this post to open up some discussion base on new findings.

But first the obligatory

Okay I finally got around to getting a Pokken Controller.
I use it with my Nintendo Switch (I don’t own a Wii U) so please avoid asking any Wii U specific question directed at me because I would not be able to answer them.

This is more having to do with my own PCB findings.

The Four little holes on each side of the board, they look like they could be for LEDs.
The two outer holes on each 4 hole group is connected to ground, I use a multimeter to confirm this testing against known ground points/ground plane.
The two inner holes aren’t connected.


As you can see here, there unused solder pads on the board for SMD sized components.
Most likely for driving the LED lights or rumble motors.

And yes the PCB two holes on both extreme sizes the pairs are labeled LM and MR. MR also has pads for a resistor labeled R27.
The right-side holes for each rumble motor pair leads to a solder pad that’s labeled for a Diode, most likely for reverse voltage protection.

If we knew the values for all the missing resistors, capacitors and diodes are known theoretically we could rebuilt those circuits.

Take what I say here with a grain of salt, as I don’t know if restoring those circuits would fix the LEDs and/or rumble motors or not.

[Update] For Wii U owners, Disregard restoring rumble. The Rumble is disabled from the console side of the Wii U. No idea is this disabled in game or in the Wii U’s console it self.

No word for Switch owners at this time.


Did you have any luck with your Pokken Pad Led Mod ?


Its on the back burner for now