Pokken Tournament Hori Controller

The PCB diagram


Everything on it looks pretty self-explanatory, as all the labeled leads go directly to an open solder point! Several common grounds are available to solder onto. I have noticed that diodes are required, if you intend to dualmod/trimod/quadmod this with your current stick.

It should be noted that this controller (for some reason) also works on the PS3.

Is the game even out in the United States yet?

There’s no thread for this pad and if it’s viable in arcade sticks it should have one. It’s not necessary to ask this in the Q&A thread.


It came out today.

I’ll try to get up some diagrams Tuesday/Wednesday, right after my midterms are over.

Bear in mind this pad is limited edition and ONLY compatible with Pokken - you can’t use it with anything else

Why/How? It won’t work for TTT2?

Totally curious to see how good the d-pad is on that if anyone gets a chance to test it out. Oddly enough, I like the look of that controller.

It’s only compatible with Pokken, just like how the Smash controllers only worked with Smash.

Ahhhhh really? You can’t use it in Mario Kart or Super Mario Maker. That’s a freakin bummer.

So no reason to even bother with a pad hack, or a tear down.

Yeah I forgot these were limited edition, and they’re sold out everywhere and therefore rocketing in price, so even the limited use of “I primarily play Pokken and would like to use a stick” isn’t really worth padhacking one of these. Vastly cheaper to hack in a classic controller, which both works on Pokken and on a large number of games, or even a Pro Controller if you figure out the battery issues.

Ha! While you’re off playing Pokken with your unitasker pad, I’ll be enjoying Halo with my Guitar Hero Explorer controller.

Movement might not be possible, but I can spin around *endlessly *with the whammy bar. That’s 360 degrees of free rotation. Nowhere to hide.

Nothing beats playing Street Fighter with a DDR pad.
Doing a SuperFlashKick or 720s on that is no joke.

I got mine today. D-pad on it is identical to the Hori Fight commander 4. I’ll post some pics later. Red parts do NOT light up like the arcade versions. very sad =(

I really want one of these (I’m only getting Pokken if I can find one next time I have money) but the fact you can’t use them for anything else is so sad - especially if it’s a hybrid between a fighting commander and a SNES pad. It would rule for virtual console stuff (and more obviously, a missed chance for Hori to sell a Wii U 2D pad in general).

Might be a nice PC controller if someone works up a driver?

here’s a few photos for anyone interested. I’ve got large hands and from the stock photos it looked a bit small, but it’s actually got a lot of depth to the grips and feels really solid.[details=Spoiler]






Can someone confirm does the Poken pad work or not work with any other games?

On the Wii-U is only Pokken

On PC, according to a Neogaf member :

Duck Tales Remastered: Didn’t recognize the controller at all, even trying to set it up in the controller config menu bore no results.

Ikaruga: Amazing. Played through a few stages of the game. Game recognized it straight away, and controls fantastically with it! This thing seems godly good for schmups!

Freedom Planet: Recognized it, but had to set up button config. Problem is the game recognizes all directions on the D-pad as the same button, so navigation and controlling the game is impossible.

Cave Story+: Recognized it, but had to configure the controls in the controller options menu.