Polarite's Avatar Request Thread

Yup yup, I can do it all except animation! just give me the sprite you want to use, and any specifics and i will make it! :slight_smile:








you might want to at least make an av for yourself seeing as how you don’t have any current work. Or at least make some presets and see who wants em… might help out a little.


Wow Hi Evil Ken…

gah, im not evil ken you’re an idiot

Prove it.

Funny because who would make a thread with only their AV to show and only just joining

god this place is gay :rolleyes:

Dunno what’s goin on here but, the point is that you dont have ANY work to show but that avatar you have. Show some backgrounds you’ve made then since you dont have avatars to show. A nice looking background will prove something but, that one avatar will not get you anywhere. Just saying. If you want to be noticed, I think you might need to make a few more avatars before you make a thread. Delete this one, make some more avatars and then make another thread. I think that’ll work. Or edit tthis thread.:slight_smile:

Think you can send me that Brush Style in your avatar? It’d be really nice. Thanx.

eww… grids

bwahahahahaha! I was just thinking the same thing. Although, the brush part looks nice. Grids don’t go good on avatars though.

Here’s the lowdown kiddies, unless Evil Ken moved to North Carolina recently, that aint him. Its possible, but not likely.

well evil-ken or no evil-ken hes got skill…


Oh no grids don’t go good in avatars, but everyone loves LC’s work don’t they… :rolleyes:

LC is is MIA, and dont’ listen to them. Grids or no grids, it shouldn’t concern them.

um can i request:confused: …if so can i get a av with this pic, no animation, i’ll leave the rest to you;)


sure, expect it soon :slight_smile:

hes not E.Ken guys…hes my friend, don’t accuse him of ripping and not request from him because of speculation :wink:

Hes evil ken… lets go human huntin for him:) i heard he bribed TMT to be his friend…:eek:

anyways bleh