Police sergeant fired for playing virtual red light district game.Yes its florida,also,forever alone

LOOL, i loved that shes like, wtf is the problem, i know how to show my pussy lips online at work while also listening to the police scanner and signing papers. What a horny woman she is. she looks okay in the face for her age,but maybe she has herpes. hence her lack of man. lol. you know youre crazy and super lonely when youre playing sex games online ON YOUR WORK COMPUTER, and sending off nudes while youre at work. you really didnt think that would eventually come back on you at some point. cant wait for the interview at her next job.

“yes i know why i got fired looks bad, but i had no problem flicking the bean at work while running the dept, which should say a lot for my skills, and how i will perform now that i wont :wink: be doing that anymore.”

so at least 251 of those photos were penises and maybe other vaginas if she likes that kinda thang. looking forward to when this leaks. lol

She’s good at multitasking.


1: We have a thread for this.

2: It’s like you guys are going out of your way to find things to bitch about Florida for. Look around some.

touche. i would raise you one, but that link is quite ridiculous. LOL

shrugs :coffee:

Slutty female gamers are hard to find, much less a cop with those attributes…

Cops are just like everyone else. It’s just a social facade that makes people automatically think they’re somehow exceptional. :tup: