Police vs. sagat/blanka



i use A - bison r2… and i always find it hard to beat sagat and blanka any tips??


OK try this:

Walk back and forth and when they try to attack you, activate and do the custom combo. They should be dead after that.


lol,i only know 1 person who calls bison police…i didnt think any1 else did


Don’t go into a poking war, you’ll lose. s.Forward, s/c.Strong, c.Fierce are going to be you’re main moves in this fight. If you’re fightning Sagat, s.Strong is going to be a BIG help, because of it’s reach and somewhat good priority, s.Forward is good because of it’s speed and reach. You can play a good waiting game and take it slow, Devil’s Reverse is really good in this fight since it has massive massive priority over a lot of things (Unless he DPs you as late as possible). Make sure to be patient, and if he slips up, custom his ass.


r u sure about the s. strong and s. forward is good 2 poke sagat… i think sagats c. fierce or s. fierce have the same distance as bisons?? i’m not really sure so tell me if i’m wrong…


Hes really a rhode island state trooper! FEAR HIM!


bison’s c.fierce, when timed properly, will beat any of sagat’s jumpins cleanly, except for crossups.

this still isn’t an easy fight for bison imo, but having a reliable AA should help a bit.


He’s the milk man, not the police:lol: Terry is the pizza man.:lol: