Polish President+Others Dead in Crash


I’m not Polish or anything, but this is still pretty unfortunate. RIP to them.

Oh my god. Losing your president is a huge thing but just look at who else died.

What makes this even worse is why they were all on the plane to begin with.

That even being the Katyn Massacre.

I can’t even make jokes about this. That nation is going to be in so much pain for a very long time… my heart goes out to Poland.

Polish president… Probably convinced that pilot that they’d get there quicker if they just took a nose dive.

Wow, talk about putting all of your eggs in one basket. This is terrible for their country.

Most of the leaders dying at one time? That ain’t no coincidence. Apparently the plane had weather problems. They don’t know whether it went down due to a bomb or a missile and we’ll probably never find out.

Like Tony Danza hit TV show Who’s the Boss?

You think they’d know better than to get most of the important people in their country together on a plane…there’s a little truth to most stereotypes…I mean, DAMN.

wow that’s terrible. imagine if something like that happened to our president

yeah, watching this on the news now. My grandmother is polish :frowning:

man, they didnt just lose their President, they pretty much lost most important people in their government, on the anniversary of a terrible event

Poland pretty much got their head cut off. This is most unfortunate.


it’s more like:
imagine if Air Force one went down, with Obama and Michelle and the kids in it, the head of the CIA, the heads of several banks and financial institutions, most of the white house staff, and it happened on Martin Luther King day


yeah after reading more about what happened, i agree

Russian air traffic controllers told the pilot land to land somewhere else due to heavy fog. Polish pilot tried to land anyway.



This is very disturbing news. Freak accident?..maybe… but I doubt it.

My heart goes out to the country. Goddamn what an ominous foreboding…

Yeah…I wonder if that would take care of all the bull-crap over-spending those guys are doing.

i wonder how the family back in poland is handling this
kinda really eerie how this is on the 70th memorial of the katyn massacre
goddamn salt on the wounds

doesnt really affect me too much, but id still feel sad if this was any other nations governing body all dying at once

Unbelievable to lose so many officials in an instant. I’d really like some more details on how the plane crashed.


Very Tragic, hopefully the country can get passed this and move forward.