Poll:Av Clash II *fixed*

OK OK OK.The poll is finally up.Although it’s not 10 entries the number of participants have tripled.But enough of that

now is the time for voting.


“3s Yun”


“Negro Install”


“Maverick Hunter”




“The Guilty Casino”



that 3’s yun is sexy.

I voted for 3s yun. that shit is HAWT.


That Dudley av kicks butt.

:rofl: lol… I voted for “Doodley” because I too have been know to refer to him as "Dood"ley. But yeah, great job to everyone. Sorry I couldn’t join in. I’m swamped with Real Estate stuff and therapy. Maybe next next time for me… doods.

that yun IS sexy… hawtness to whomever made it!

Yun ftw.

shit?! i thought i sent mine refinished… that was just a prototype-ish av… oh, well…



^^^i dont think you were suppose to rat on yourself untill the 30th, jonny. that’s when the poll closes anyway.

Wow…I think I know who made each of those except the viewtiful joe one.


yeah i think i can name them all too

Yun’s Infinite Mass Punch

hrm… lemme take a crack at it…

yun: Nastradamus
sol: ShatterStar
zero: KidZero
dud: Loud Mouth Dumb Ass (Me!)
ggxx: Quiche
veiwjoe: Worthless Scrub

i’m guessing whether i’m wrong or right… i’m thinking you still want to keep them conceiled… so… shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

…So…[/lil’ child]

this makes for a fun game! i can guess too…

but i prolly shouldn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

ok, im just geussing that the “3’s Yun” is made by my ninja Seth.

Naw, I think 3s Yun is ytwojay.


EDIT: Hmm, though you know what? It reminds me a lot of TetsuAKA’s stuff. Maybe it’s his, and the VJ one is ytwojay…

Yeah, it reminds me of Tet’s work also.

I think -Lalo- made that awesome Yun av. Two reasons:

  • His current Av with Makoto has a similar effect, ummm… you know the pieces falling apart or something? Whatever it’s called it looks awesome.

  • The font looks loke the font he used in the <—Lalo’s- New avatar style request Thread–> which he spat out some really astonshing Avs.

So yeah, -Lalo-, if you did make that Yun Av you get much respect for it because it’s totally fresh… dood!

Totally forgot about these. Sorry worth!

I voted for Viewtiful, it seemed the most solid out of all of them. The Yun is funky, but only the centrepiece. Overall, the av is kinda bleh.