Poll: Best Poke in 3s

You know you’ve had the argument with your friend(s).

Tell me if I have left out any major candidates
The choices with multiple pokes mean either/or
This was made out of curiosity for what most people think, don’t flame

This list sucks.

Necro MP is a better poke than b.MP. What about Urien c.MK? Elena c.MK or HK, Ibuki f.HK, Remy and Q standing MK, Twelve c.MK

You seriously think that those can compete with the majority of the pokes listed? You have a 10 option limit for all polls as well, so would be tough to include all of those. Don’t base your vote soley on priority, overall means all factors (builds meter, cancelable etc.).

chun c.MK

i second the above

chun c.mk and chun s.fp

Chun back+HP…

Fucking STOP-SIGN. :stuck_out_tongue:

remy’s cr mp.

do it once only!!

I second that one.

Shotos c.mp

Makoto’s cMK.
I hate that shit.

maybe you’re right…but I hate Chun’s HP and B.HP!!!

Chun’s b.HP, s.HP, and c.mk.

"Shoto c.mk"
Isn’t Ryu’s c.mk significantly slower than Kens?

Yes I do.

Remy c.MP and Alex c.MP too.

At least have an option for “other”. That would have won your poll.

good point

Chun low MK>Necro stand strong>ken low foward>3s

Urien’s s.mp is crazy as well. Really hate that shit.

no lol… all 3 have the same startup & recovery frames, what gave u that impresion?

I believe akuma and ryu’s c.MK have 1 more frame of startup and 1 less frame of recovery.