Poll concerning HDR in Tournament Wars Season Two

Frank’s not home so he’s not able to post this and therefore he asked me to post this up. I’m making this poll in order to gauge interest in the possibility of HDR making it in TW season two. Basically what Frank has in mind for HDR would be the same as what he has planned for SSFIV. It would be teams of two, each individual on the team being able to choose from two characters, with the matches between each team being 2/3. Understanding that Evolution is coming up soon, it would be great to have the HDR scene here have a place where they can compete regularly. So what you guys think, should HDR be in season two?!?!?

I say yes, but I don’t know how interested I’d be if it’s the same price as SSF4.

Bushido Blade for Tournament Wars.

Seconded with all my heart.

We should have a Tournament Wars fighting game gauntlet or something. A different game every week. Maybe even make it a Singles thing, we run through a 10 mansingle elim bracket every week or something.

Tekken 6
Bushido Blade
Third Strike
Soul Calibur 4
King of FIghters 2002 or whatever

Hah, that’d be nuts.

How about super smash bros MELEEEEEEEEE

Bushido Blade > HDR

I would compete in a HDR tournament.

i mashed the yes button so hard

It helped, scoring ‘yes’ a total of 5 extra votes.

So how many games are we looking at total for TWz?

Does it have to be teams? I’ll probably make the trip if its Singles…

It’s an XBox live arcade game. It should only be like 10-12 bucks at the most.

You wouldn’t compete in the season itself?

Frank is only looking at running two games a season. As it stands, it could get really hectic if he went with more than that in the early stages of TW’s lifespan as he’s really the only person running things.

The season itself is teams. There could be singles events there. There have been SFIV and T6 singles tournaments at a lot of the past TW events. I’m pretty sure the main tv in the lounge could be used for HDR events. Space could be an issue as so many people are in that area playing other games. Probably have to strongarm yourselves an area within the lounge to run a tournament.

To be honest, all these games on tourney wars is nice but the time schedule is to long winded. With EVO right around the corner. It be nice to do a Evo Line Up Gauntlet. Each team has to play all games (teams of 2 or 3). That way you get practice in all, probably easier to organize. Winner is who does well over all. Might have to lower price.

Just an idea.

Cole’s idea is like mine but makes more sense.

The idea is cool, but there’s no way I’m paying money to play anything other than SSFIV, especially if the game(s) in question aren’t at Evolution. HDR would be pushing it also, unless I get to team up with someone who hates that game as much/if not more than I do. Someone like Elias lol. Besides, what’s wrong with the singles tournaments? There’s enough room in the lounge to have SSFIV, T6, and HDR events. At least that way people aren’t forced to play stuff they aren’t interested in.

Anyway, people, continue to vote! The results aren’t surprising at all, I just hope the people that are voting yes, are gonna be apart of season two when it happens.

I have not voted. Reason - me going to EVO is in question.

what’s this have to do with evo?

TW S2 HDR Tourney is more or less prep for EVO, thats what I deduced.

Who cares? If you wanna play then play.