Poll For AE Cabinet: Single Cab or Dual Cab - One Day Poll!


Hey Everyone,

A discussion has come up over whether the updated AE cab should be housed on a dual-cabinet setup with two screens and control panels as it has been, or be converted to a traditional single screen cabinet. Although this has come up just recently, the cabinet that is currently not at ACME is going to be worked on tomorrow, and Bill would like to get people’s opinions before it is modified.

Feel free to vote your preference, and if you have not seen the cabinets, I’ve included two pictures below:

A picture of the current dual-cabinet setup is here- Imageshack - dualcabinets.jpg

And a close up of the control panel is linked below, to give you an idea of the amount of space you would have on a single cabinet setup. Pictures can’t always convey the correct proportions, but it should give you a pretty close idea: Imageshack - controlpanelforaecab.jpg

To add a final note, this is first and foremost about what you would like to see with the AE cabinet. Moving to one cab could open up the other for a second game at some point, but there is no plan for that at the moment or guarantee it will happen. We want the best setup for AE possible, so please vote with your ideal AE cabinet in mind. Do feel free to post up suggestions or discussions below though.

I am going to close the voting at 2:00PM tomorrow, and I will be posting this on Facebook to help get it more attention. If you know someone with a strong opinion on it, be sure to let them know so they can weigh in.



i wouldl like dual screens.

  1. i dont like elbowing people while i play
  2. we are gonna be crowded around watching. It sucks trying to crowd around 1 monitor.


What Frank said.


Dual Screens make it easier to play. Especially if some players want to get hype while they’re playing, it leaves the others uninterupted. Also, it allows more room for spectators


Its a showcase cab, i dont think you will have an issue w/ elbow room…I think you should have 1 single cab for SFIV & 1 single cab for ST side by side…


why does that thumbnail have american parts on it? i thought their wold be sanwa stuff in it.


That’s the current picture of the cabs.

Bill has Sanwa parts that he recently ordered they will be going in the updated cab with a new layout.


well if he’s using a wooden play field i hope that he realizes how short the shafts are compared to the happ (or happ style) sticks. he might have to do some custom work on that play field.


Good to note.


The plan is to completely cut out the wood in the area of the controls, and replace with metal. We thought that would be necessary due to the short height of the Sanwa sticks, not to mention the short buttons as well. :slight_smile:


Glad you guys are on top of it, i was just mentioning it because if you didn’t expect it it’s a pain to do last minute >.<