Poll for "Ask me anything about Ken thread"

I’m curious,
lately ive been getting a lot of beef from people who think i shouldnt have made that ask me about ken thread, but im wonderin why its so bad.
i mean my logic was theres gotta be a lot of up and coming players whod want to kno stuff about stuff like links, karas, etc etc.

keep in mind, in no post on that thread or any other did i say i was good.

so be honest, was that threada waste of time? (its still up as of this post:http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/showthread.php?t=96966)

Who cares if people gave you beef? It’s just a thread. Probably 80% of the people who make strat threads aren’t even good so it’s not like yours was worse.

However, making “everything about <character>” or “ask me anything” threads are always pointless in my opinion because this already is a character specific forum. That allows people to make really specific threads so that new players can narrow down what they want and find the exact information they’re looking for. Making generalized threads like that just crams everything together in a 10 to 20-page package that nobody wants to read.

Agreed. Although you can see the use behind it. If someone has a question they can just ask it, instead of creating a thread for it.