Poll: If Mega Man X got in as DLC, what Theme Would you Want for Him?

Topic title says it all. What theme (of the listed options) would you pick for X if he was a DLC character?

Oh, and please be sure to actually listen to all of them before you decide.

Pretty sure there is a correct answer to this. MMX1 Opening stage. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crVpnpmwtV0

X5 intro

X4 opening stage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTUynM7mW24

X5 version of Variable X, since that’s…actually his theme? X vs Zero theme for X vs Zero though, because it would be an amazing easter egg.

It would be cool if they added a special X vs Zero theme whenever X and Zero fight against each other.

He isn’t in and won’t be in, why do you make this topic?


yup this Megaman shit is ridic, yesterday while Sven and Seth were trying to read questions on the stream it was flooded by megaman stuff causing them to miss some good questions some people had on there.

everyone is so hype over megaman but what the fuck for? IF he was in the game I guarentee people would use him for the first week or 2 them go back or find there new characters and never use him besides a select few.

MvC2 is a PERFECT example, Megaman was in that game but did you ever see him used in tournaments? No you didn’t besides maybe a couple people such as MegamanDS (west coast) and MegamanSteve (east coast). Other than that I don’t know anyone who used that character religiously.

This thread is irrelevant and I’m not voting.

Past editions of Capcom fighters have always missed the mark when it comes to Mega Man. First and foremost, people want X, not Classic Mega Man, Not Rockman Volnutt, not the weird Mega Man from the 80’s box art. X is the only edition of Mega Man that belongs in a fighting game.

As far his moveset goes, the X-series has at least 6 games from which they could pull moves from, plus they could actually get creative and give him some unique ones that would help make him not a fully projectile based fighter like Arthur.

Card Sagas Wars - a fan made game that features characters from multiple franchises, has probably the best concept of Mega Man as a fighter I’ve ever seen. Check this video out if you haven’t already. Around 1:30 is where the second round starts and X really cranks it up.

As far as what theme to go with, it’s a toss up between X-1 opener stage and X-4 opener stage for me.

I still remember the first time I played X1. The opening stage felt like a movie. The music and background gave a strong sense of ergency.

I’d want John Cage’s 4’33’’

Guile theme for obvious reasons.

I played Megaman X1 till like X6, it was my favorite game, but I always liked Zero over X

MvC2 is a terrible example, over 75% of the cast couldn’t be used in a tournament setting. Cable was great in the game and where is he in Marvel 3?

Then MVC1 and 2… and Cable is dead.

In that case Richard Rider is dead and he’s in Ultimate.

This one works for me.

He’ll probably be in Arcade Edition so why not?

Highway theme is too awesome to pass on.