Poll: Is your SE stick still in perfect condition? (stock parts only)

Just curious whats the ratio of broken and working SE sticks. Mine is still working and no stuck problems yet.

I think it’s working perfectly…unless it’s gonna break over time or if it’s supposed to be broken right out of the box, I don’t know. I just got mine today.

the loose washer will mess up all your guys’ stick pcb


only played with mine for about 30 mins, but the stick gets stuck in down motions and the character has to be pulled out of crouches. It’s a shame, because the rest of the controller is really nice for the price. I decided to go with a Hori HRAP EX instead. I could send the SE into Madcatz for repairs, but I shouldn’t have to send something I paid 80 dollars in for 3-6 weeks of repairs, only 30 minutes after playing with it. I’m returning it tomorrow.

7 days playing and no problem

Sounds like a %age were mis-manufactured - too bad, it’s a shame since the sticks are so nice otherwise.

TE’s seem fine - so they can get it right if they go all the way - but making a product on a budget while maintaining quality seems to be elusive still for our good friends at MadCatz.

Mine is still good. 7 days now, some pretty heavy use. No sticking, no stuck buttons. The response is damn good. Hell my DP’s are coming off flawlessly now once I realized I was thinking too hard about it. Sounds like some us got lucky, or a lot of people got unlucky. Functioning, the stick is amazing and is the premier entry level stick. But Mad Catz had to go ruin what could have been an amazing chapter in their company.

Fine so far, about five hours of use.

Posting just for bringing this thread back to the first page since I think is very interesting to have an accurate statistic of how many SE sticks are failing out there.

I wouldn’t call a 20/32 votes reporting deffects a “small number of units”, as madcatz’s PR said, I think this is a major problem that should be addressed in a very different and more effective way.

Please, if you have a SE stick and have used it more than a week (or if it’s broken already) vote in this poll. I’ll do when I receive mine.

Mine started grinding after literally 3 minutes of waggling the stick. It’s still working but I can feel it catching slightly in one direction at a time, randomly changing which direction that is.

the issues are obviously a problem,… but… this is an enthusiast site, and hardly a fair look at the total numbers… Many casual players who still want/have a stick have never heard of SRK, let alone come and post here.

besides… 20/32 is such a tiny fraction of the total sticks out there… (it is very much a small number of units) its unfair to call this a “major problem”. And how would you suggest they handle this? A percentage of all products risk faults, those faults have come to light and madcatz have addressed the production issues, have changed their return policy (they pay for shipping) and are repairing the faulty products already in consumers hands.

What else can they do? go back in time?

Ive used mine for 2 days (heavy use) and it seems fine. no grinding, no sticking, nothing like that. if it breaks… yea ill be mad… but this is warranties are for.

I hate this argument… We all bought the same stick, and chances are more people from SRK have it than other communities. This is probably the best representative sample. People you don’t hear anything from doesn’t mean it isn’t defective, it means they don’t post on SRK. If its a big enough problem that MadCatz PR has to release a public statement about it, it’s definitely not a “very small” amount of sticks.

dont hate the argument cus it works.//
ok… ill break it down for you…

how many SE sticks have been produced?.. lets say… 3000. (which we know is not true and would be higher) then we have SRK. you claim its the best representative sample… ok… so… given the numbers… that means that .0126~% of SE stick owners have reported on the issue, regardless of defect or not. (the BEST sample size we have is .0126% of all buyers) then out of that .0126 % 65% have faulty sticks…

its not fair to use such a small sample size to determine any kind of trend… but even if you were to do that… 65% of .0126% of ALL the SEs are defective… which means… fuck all… its a statistically insignificant number of them.

I think it totals, given our numbers which you say are the best representation of the situation, 0.00819% of defective sticks. And this is assuming 3000 sticks… there are many more… which would make the number of defects even smaller.

I said right from the get go. “the issues are obviously a problem” but like some people on these boards saying “this is what class action lawsuits are made of” no… no its not. it sucks, and its a production issue being addressed… but man, from the info we have, its a rather small number of people…

and madcatz saying there’s an issue is a response to the handful of angry posters who have been uttering death threats. “ill fucking burn madcatz to the ground if my stick is defective”

yea… “it means they dont post on SRK” just like all the people who have perfectly fine sticks… they dont post on SRK… all im saying is that SRK is NOT a fair representation of the situation.

(and as i showed… even if it is… its not that freaking bad)

**mrmkl **is right. The people who have had defects are more likely to go online to ask about it. Even if it was a small proportion, MadCatz still wants to address the issue. Imagine if it was a small proportion and they didn’t address the issue.

wut? your argument is completely broken, sorry.

I agree that 32 sticks is a very small sample, but is still a valid sample. It may not be accurate because of being so small (that’s why I am encouraging SE owners on SRK to vote) but suggesting that 20/32 (62.5% of failing units) is not a nearly valid ratio is the same as suggesting that SRK members have bad luck (since they have a higher probability of buying a broken SE stick). So are you saying this forum is not a representative sample because its members have bad luck?

Statistics polls are always done using a very reduced sample compared with the full scenario. Do you think that every SE owner who is not participating on this poll counts as “everything is ok with my stick”? That’s not how polls work.

This poll has its defect, but it doesn’t have nothing to do with the reasons you have defended. The defect is that an angry owner is more willing to participate in the poll than a satisfied owner.

Sigh thank you for putting words in my mouth…that is not what i said at all. Such a small sample can not be extrapolated into the greater buying public. thats what im saying. Could the failure rate be 80% yes indeed. But based on the numbers at hand. that is NOT the case.

“Statistics polls are always done using a very reduced sample compared with the full scenario. Do you think that every SE owner who is not participating on this poll counts as “everything is ok with my stick”? That’s not how polls work.”

once again. not what i said. there are just so few people that have responded that any data you could get would be pointless and an unfair representation. i never said you need all owners, i never said that those who dont vote are fine. My point was simply that this is such a narrow slice (hardore enthusiasts who are more likely to buy first run products which are more prone to production errors seeing as the process hasnt been refined). I never said anything about luck. but new products have more kinks to work out, so they may be more likely to have faults

" but suggesting that 20/32 (62.5% of failing units) is not a nearly valid ratio "

it isnt a valid ratio… a tragedy occurs and 50% of the people involved die… that sounds terrible… but 1 person dying and 1 surviving means 50%. its not that many people. but its a large ratio… overall totals matter here. and the numbers we have do not represent anywhere near a majority. and mean nothing for buyers at large

“This poll has its defect, but it doesn’t have nothing to do with the reasons you have defended. The defect is that an angry owner is more willing to participate in the poll than a satisfied owner”

your right. it doesnt have nothing… so it does have something to do with my reasons. on top of the vocal minority aspect.

This is a “narrow slice” of the full buying public for sure, and it is likely that people with problems are more likely to vote or post issues than people with none. But imagine this same poll with the HRAP3 or HRAP EX, or even the Hori EX2, all of which have sold in high numbers recently. This is more than a normal failure rate, if anyone is trying to imply that.

the poll would illicit the same response from me.

You say its more than a normal failure rate. What is the normal failure rate for such a product? and what are the current numbers for defective sticks to sticks sold?

With the numbers we have, its not that widespread of an issue. Im perfectly willing to believe it is more widespread, but as it stands, we can’t say that.

edit: of course, add on the fact that this is a self reporting poll, annonymous, and people can submit multiple votes. or they could just lie, and we have no way to verify. but even ignoring all that and taking the numbers we have at face value, it doesnt add up to a widespread problem.

It does give me some hope that people are claiming to have SE’s in perfect condition. I have one on the way in the mail and so far from what it seems on the forums (not just these ones) there is a large amount of people having problems and very few stepping up and saying their stick is fine. I don’t have a lot of confidence in Madcatz’s claim that this is an isolated issue, but it is nice to hope mine has the possibility of being what I paid for.

me and a few friends were playing on one last night, and the jab button broke. I have one myself, but im not using it until i switch the buttons.