Poll: Live Dr. Strange Tutorial (will be archived, don't worry)



I brought this up in the OTT already, but I’ve been thinking about doing a live tutorial instead of going through the hassle of post-production. My Twitch channel is twitch.tv/maziodyne for those who don’t know, I stream games quite often so I’m no stranger to streaming. I’m just wondering if you guys would be down for a live tutorial instead of a fancier edited one on YouTube, so it’s less of a hassle for me. I can even take viewer questions and address them immediately.

So yeah, if you folks are interested in this, feel free to post here and advertise to whoever the hell you want. This is for the Strange players everywhere guys! Please also vote in the poll so I know when is the best time to stream this. If the choices are too vague, feel free to post here. My time zone is GMT +8, so I’m 12 hours ahead of NYC. Keep that into consideration as well.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot maziodyne, I really can’t wait for this!


Sweet, I’m kinda excited.

My only concern is that not a lot of people will tune in, and it will mostly be the Strange mains like myself. As opposed to a static youtube video neatly organized for Strange newbies that can be viewed easily at any time.

When’s this happening, has a time been confirmed/discussed? :smiley:


It’s probably going to be sometime in early October when I have a month to stay at home and do nothing lol. That’s more than enough time to spread the word. :smiley:


This happening anytime soon? I’m pretty hyped for it.

Even If I don’t learn anything new, it’d be pretty cool to just chill with ya’ll on stream chat.


Yeah I have about 3 weeks’ worth of free time so I’ll be available to do this anytime soon. I’ll probably post here and in the OTT or whatever, then upload the whole thing to YouTube. I’ve been trying to get all my shit on the front page to no success; hopefully this one actually makes it through.


With this rediculous increase in the community’s interest in Dr. Strange, I think people will apreciate it more than we can imagine.


So when might this tutorial be taking place…I’d def be interested in tuning in, especially as a fellow Strange player myself. You may remember me from a few days ago in a chat on Twitch maziodyne…the name was Bubbuh23 and we were talking about the FoF loop with a few people that day if not…its okay lol But yea hmu or something fool…Im on XBL…my GT is IGoTcha23


12 hours ahead of NYC? Where the heck do you live? :eek:

On a serious note, appreciate the consideration and I’m so IN for this.


I’ll try to do this by Friday since I start school Monday next week. If not, well… guess I have something to do over the holiday break.

Oh, I live in the Philippines btw.


Oh snap, how are you my filipino brethren? Did you get the chance to meet up with the FGTV crew while they were there?


Haha, what’s good yo? Sadly, I didn’t get to meet the FGTV guys since I was busy with final exams at that time. :frowning: I wasn’t in any condition to play anyway since I had neither the transportation nor the will to practice Marvel since I needed to focus on school.


Damn that sucks, but whatcha gonna do? When real life calls, it takes precedence.


Hey there. I never even posted something here. I’m really looking forward to this! I bet there are a lot of people just checking this post to see the progress. See it as a form of motivation and thanks ahead for putting time into this tutorial~! :slight_smile:


So I guess I’ll do this on a weekday at night. Gonna be out for most of the day but I’ll see what I can do to set this up for tomorrow evening. Hopefully I don’t have anything else to do and like 1-2 hours (or more) of spare time. @.@


It was about time! :smiley:


Is this still happening? I’d give it a watch.


My capture card broke, so I ended up placing order for an HD PVR, letting me record in much higher quality than before. It should arrive sometime in December. I was hoping by then, we could flesh out at least the first part of the general discussion thread, which hasn’t been updated in almost a year now.

What we need to include:

  • Usage of each move
  • General gameplan
  • Team construction
  • BnBs, advanced combos, some assist extensions

And then a Q&A segment with the stream monsters.


Considering how much his tech has evolved I would surely appreciate it!


cant wait for this. i desperately need to geta around this wall that is beginner strange.