[Poll] new versus fighting indie game

Hi all !

I am Leon Kamel, I’m currently working in a little indie developer team.
We began last year the development of a new versus fighting game which is inspired of street fighter series, we use to play USF4.
We have for now a playable demo with the game play basics. The background is also designed but we focused on game play.
We tried to give the game a martial art cinematographic aspect, make it more accessible than SF4 but nonetheless technical.
We kept the key notions of SF4 while introducing new concepts.
These new concepts could compromise the base of the mechanics, so in order not to go in wrong direction, we would like to know your opinion.
So heare are the questions :

  • What do you dislike most in usf4 in its game play ?

  • Among all the games you played, which technic (parry, just defend, focus, dodge, feint… ) would you like to see again ?

  • What do you think about full gard ? (high and low guard).

  • In which condition could you consider the guard with one button ?

  • What would you think about a smahsh bros like with the game play of SF4 ?

thanks for reading and taking time to answer my questions.

If you have other questions or would like to join us, don’t hesitate !

  • Défaut in english is ‘‘flaw’’. I’d say SF IV is a bit too slow.

  • Any of them is fine if implemented right

  • Not sure I understand, if you meant pressing block automatically blocks low and high attacks, I’d say is a bad idea, I prefer games with several mix-up options. Of course, don’t give every character 50/50s like in Mortal Kombat X.

  • A dedicated ‘‘block’’ button is hated around here, you don’t really need one unless you plan on giving every character fast teleport attacks like in Mortal Kombat.

  • I’m personally not a fan of Smash, I prefer more traditional fighters. No stage interactables, 1 VS 1.

Je pense que c’est difficile de faire un clone de Smash et avoir du succès, il y en a eu plusieurs dans le marché et ce fut des échecs. Récemment, le style de Power Stone semble être à la mode. Franchement, moi je préfère plus les Street Fighter, King Of Fighters et Guilty Gear.

Hi C-Sword !
Thanks a lot for your reply !
And sorry for my english :slight_smile:

You think usf4 is slow, do you personnally have the skill to anticipate kicks and punch from opponent ?

yes, the gurad button would be like mortal kombat, but the character would have little damages though.
They made it in SF 5.
Our game would be focused on parries, so you may parry low kicks as high kicks, so you can still make mix ups.

Yes, I don’t appreciate smash bros likes too, beacause i found them less technical and too messy, but it would have been an extra mode in our game.

I take benefit of your answer to ask you other questions :smile:

do you care of story in a versus fighting game ?
do you appreciate well choregraphied fighting ?
do you dislike approximate hitboxes in sf4 ?

(je répond en anglais pour en faire profiter les autres :))