Poll: Regarding AE Rose Match-Up Thread



So there’s been a couple of suggestions flying around in regards to how we should fill out the AE match-up chart for Rose. To ultimately decide on how to approach this, I’ve made a poll by request to see what the general consensus is. If you are a person that does not use Rose at all, and you just happened to stumble upon this thread while wandering the Rose forum, please do not vote. This is in the best interest for the Rose community. The poll will remain open for 7 days, and you can only vote for one option.

SSF4 AE Rose Match-up Thread

By discussing two characters per a week, we are still taking too much time, 1 is taking a monstrous amount of time.

Giving it to separate players is totally terrible idea because we ALL have different styles and it WILL cost tension because there are people who thought they were better y’know but they aren’t given match ups.

Discussing the character needed at hand, no organized fashion should be fine, as long as the original thread maker is totally up to date with making the changes and updates in the original post.


I agree with discussing characters needed at hand would be a great way to go.


as long as the first post is update
the character at hand is good
but if it’s not updated it’s so hard to look threw entire threads to find posts related to characters


Anton is right. It might be for the best to discuss characters on an ad hoc, or as needed, basis.


I think it would be easier to organise if we kept it alphabetical personally. Maybe if we take four characters a week (for example) and everyone can chime in. It would make organising the information much easier for the thread maker if they could work down the list of characters.


two a week is good for me but, for the new characters at less.


I could personally careless about certain match ups that aren’t common, such as El Fuerte and stuff.

I’d much rather chime in at random times and stuff.


Evo is at the end of July, so maybe discuss critical match ups until then, and then work on the 1 or 2 characters per week sounds like a solid plan.


Discussing characters on an ad hoc basis sounds good. I’ll be updating the thread on a constant basis, so hopefully discussing the same match-ups over and over again can be avoided. I’ll still leave this poll open for additional suggestions or inputs.


Why is there a poll on this? Just discuss the match up as it comes like any other thread does. If someone needs help with a matchup, people will come out, speak out their tips, and we’ll analyze from there.


I put up a poll because there was a bunch of different suggestions, and I wanted to go ahead with the most picked option. Seeing ad hoc is pretty much the popular choice, we’ll go with that.


Everyone talks about the twins, we should start with them and after this, we talk about the rest.


That’s what we’ll do.