Poll: Reload Or XX At Evolution

I know that the cannons have swayed towards XX since there is no american release for #R, but if i recalled correctly, VF4 evo was held last evo before its release in america. The reason being, I assume, is the VF community pushed for that game, because they found it more fair and balanced. I am hoping the guilty gear community might be able to make a sway in your opinion as to which to hold, since #R is also a much more fair and balanced game. Since guilty gear is mostly a game with various “pockets” of players, some of these pockets have been switching over to reload. Hopefully if there is a strong majority, Reload will be considered for evolution?

Reload fo Rizill!!! more balanced = more fun, let’s have at it

lol i doubt it would matter… But to add to the argument… why was SF ae even being considered when it just came out in japan durning the winter? US has no accsess to this game basicly… yet there was a chance it would be used…

so why not reload??? seems retarded to me… shrug

While I’d rather play #R, I think it’s sorta selfish to do so since some people have no access to practicing #R, and that would be entirely unfair. Some characters aren’t a ton different, but some are. I’d rather have it #R…but it would just seem really unfair to the people who can’t play it or people(like myself) who have started practicing XX again like a madman for EVO. People who play certain characters need to adapt to specific changes in order to play their characters(Sol/Johnny/Faust/Slayer to an extent/Eddie/etc) efficiently. I mean, imagine a Sol player going to EVO without having played #R once. Can’t dust loop, Gunflame FRC timing is off etc. I guess it also depends on the amount of people who have access to #R though since I really have no idea how widely spread it is. It’s a better game and much more balanced, but some character’s tactics and combos are too changed around for people to just adjust on short notice. So I think…if enough of the community has access to it to practice, it should be #R.


no brainer; #r

If you want optimal competition (as well as maybe more random Japanese coming over to play), then #r is the game to play. :slight_smile:

The only reason i bring this up, is, if enough of the community DOES play reload, than it would be in our best interest to hold the tourney in reload. The purpose of the poll is to gauge what percentage is playing reload nowadays. If its like 90% or so, then CLEARLY most of america prefers #R, and the tourney should be held in it.

I’ll vote for #R as well, and will definetly try to bring a console plus the game if they are willing to make the change.
As long as we can provide the consoles, I’m sure we can convince them to switch.

i dont play reload and have no acess to it but im a scrub so whatever it is dont matter

I admit I am bias because I like the XX version of my character much more than the reload version of my character, however, I understand that reload certainly has alot of advantages as a whole for people as far as overall balance and the fact that more japanese players might be interested as a result (whether this is good or bad is debatable I suppose). However, at the same time it screws over a great deal of US players who have never even touched the game, and it really wouldnt be their fault. But in any case I will do my best regardless of what version is chosen, the only thing is, if we are going to make a switch I think it needs to be decided on pretty soon, not AT evo. People need time to prepare, and if I am expecting to be playing XX Faust at evo for the next few months and as a result hardly even touch reload, when reload is suddenly swapped in at the last minute its going to be a big dissadvantage to myself and anyone else who’s character differs greatly and was expecting something else.

So bassicly all I am saying is, if theres going to be reload, it should be decided on very very soon, and if a decision to change isnt agreed upon say… within the next month, we really should just stick to XX and maybe there can be an unofficial reload tournament thrown on the side in the casual console room. Just my opinion.



XX… oh wait, #R :wink:

XX gives you cancer.

the problem with #r is there is no US version, and the import board count is at 3! 3 for the entire us. So a player that wants to practice has 2 options, either go to one of these locations, or get a japanese ps2 and buy the game.

the ggxx board count is way higher and so was vf4 evolution. they were at numerous places across the country. the problem isnt finding the consoles to put them on, the problem is the average person not being able to practice without spending a shitload of money to do so.

Why was SF:AE being considered at one point then? Is there any other reason besides at one point the game(or more likely meaning characters)was available to the US?

Yeah, i understood this point. I was hoping that a STRONG majority of the seroius US GG players would be on Reload, and this poll would have shown such. Who knows, there is still time. Assuming things skew slightly more Reloads favor, the question becomes is it worth it to boot out a minority of players to make the majority of players happy? Thats sorta the evo directors call, but of course, the more dramatic the difference between favoring #R over XX became, the easier it would be to make the call. Hopefully we will have a good deal of people vote, to get a fairly accurate representation.

At the moment I have to vote XX simply because my ability to play #R is limited to once every month or so when I drive two hours to Nebraska (where one of our XX players has a copy of #R). Then again I’m the only competitive XX player in Iowa and nobody is really going to give a damn as to what I think for the most part. All I ask is that if consideration for switching to #R is being taken seriously that we make a decision by the end of this month. If the change is made by then, at least it gives the rest of us who aren’t so lucky to have #R to try and get ahold of a modded ps2 and a copy of the game.

You know, you can simply get a swap disc and a burned copy, which i believe should work…