Poll results: What should Capcom do in SFV after season 2(AE, S3 and beyond)?


A few days ago I did this poll and posted it in Neogaf, Capcom-Unity, Reddit and other places. Sadly I could login here with my old account, but at least I can post the results now. 737 people voted:


Color Edit reaching 3rd place

On bad side, peoples voting for Rival Schools should get life removed from the body though


People’s priorities are fucked.

Shin Gouki actually registering on this poll is just tragic.

Also premium content should not be unlockable with money, it’s called PREMIUM you idiots. It has zero impact on gameplay, therefore you should pay for your vanities and compulsions.


What’s the first item in “What are the main issues you’d like to fix or improve?” @Yurinka ?


I miss world tour…
Also, man, Sakura is popular for some reason.


I wonder after SFV age, how popular Karin, Mika, Alex and Urien will be.


Good: Ingrid and Decapre polling low
Not good: 19 characters polling above Eagle


Keep making Ibuki better and making more costumes for Ibuki.


Decapre polling low is not good.
She was a great character.


Urien will still be popular, he was already, Alex was popular and has been destroyed by SFV, Karin might disappear into Oblivion. Mika hopefully disappears into oblivion but she is actually very popular* among fans as far as I can tell.

*it means there’s a lot of Mika related fap material


It’s interesting to see that a lot of singleplayer modes are highly voted on in your survey. World Tour, Story Mode 2, beat 'em up mode are all higher than Tournament and League, even a Tutorial more fitting to newbies.

I wish Capcom had worked a bit more on both: provide adapted tournament modes for tournaments (with a specific UI and all), and a bit more randomized singleplayer content (World Tour, even without Dramatic Battles and all, just random battles with random / ramping perks for opponents). I’m pretty sure most singleplayer players would be happy with random stuff to spice things up (like the Arcade and World Tour modes).


Alex will fall off a bit. So will Akuma possibly.

I think Urien, Karin, Vega, Mika, Birdie, Sim, Guile, Nash, Gief, and Bison are among the characters that will surely enjoy a healthy surge in popularity (referring here to Capcom’s official character polls). Mainly because none of these characters have had excellent depictions in recent memory. I mean Bison hasn’t been this badass (in all respects) since CvS2 and arguably even before that - like a whole new generation of players get to experience his awesomeness akin to what my generation experienced in SF2 and the SF2 Animated Movie back in the day.

Look at Dhalsim’s portrayal, how can you not love this guy after SF5.

Capcom did right with the SF2 characters on so many levels. I am so proud them for this one thing at the very least.

Urien was one of the those very hype and desired SF3 characters who did not disappoint in their transition to 3D, and in many ways lived up to his hype. I think he will become even more popular after this cycle.


I’m not sure if Karin will still be as huge as she was 4 years ago when the Capcom poll was made. Not only is she already in the game so people may not feel the need to vote for her, but a lot of people were put off by her SFV incarnation. Including myself. I mean I dont criticize her like a lot of people here do, but she was by far my favorite Alpha 3 character (and one of my favs overall) and I’m just not that into her SFV version, from her constricted moveset to her huge personality change.
R Mika could go either way, depends if her S1 hate is still lingering.


The fact that some characters are in the game and some are not in the new poll will distort poll results unfortunately. People will use it as an opportunity to vote for characters they want in (e.g. Rose, Sagat, Viper, etc.) rather than vote for who they really really love the most (Bison obviously).


That’s why I don’t go wild for polls. Viper was relatively low in the last one; now I’m sure this bitch gonna be top 10. Other than that, some fans favorite that wasn’t in SF4 are back (Urien, Mika, Alex, Karin). I’m pretty convinced that plebes are aware about it this time and will focus on whoever isn’t in the roster yet.


And then will this repeat AGAIN with SFVI.
I just want a second Doll god damn it, we will soon have 5 shotos, but a Doll is way to much, lets add even more shotos to keep it fair!


Yeah I’m guilty of this, my vote went towards Karin last time.


It seems that Satsuki might have a chance of eventually making it in


Nice to see the love for world tour & storymode vol 2, more game modes, and love of Q. Sometimes there is a reason to have hope in humanity.


What about stop spam same shit and go for a total new design type, neither doll or shoto?