POLL: So the 5th character was released, your thoughts?


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The best character introduced in SF4 bar C.Viper and Fuerte

Which new character are you most excited about for USF4?
So fornicating disapointing capcom has become

She’s okay, but I still won’t buy Ultra simply because I still have no interest in playing it anymore…


I wasn’t expecting much, her play style alone seems interesting.


Let me just say my response would have been different if Capcom’s PR handled this better. Also the Darkstalkers tease still stings.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Besides which this year there is Blazblue Chrono Phantasma, Guilty Gear Xrd, rumored new KOF, rumored new Samurai Shodown, and rumored new Capcom fighter in the works. I’ll play Skullgirls, KOF XIII, and a little SFXT and wait for those.


well at least we have 5 characters… im sure people would still find a way to complain if Alex or Karin even made it in. Tbh I think it might be best to save them for another SF. Use the remaining sf3 characters, remaining alpha characters, some sf4 recurring characters, the main sf2 cast and then sf5 characters.


On one hand, her playstyle looks INCREDIBLY fun and the rushdown charge is gonna be hella fun. HOWEVER the reused model and changed-for-the-worse mask pisses me off to no end. So I’ll just say She’s Okay.


I really like how she looks but I wish they would give her more unique animations and borrow less from Cammy (hell, it even looks like her j.fierce is borrowed straight from Vega). I think it’s pretty cool that she’s a mixup-based charge character though.


Because we waited 10 months for essentially Cammy’s “Akuma”, and not a completely new and original character like how Juri, Abel, and Hakan were, I’m disappointed. She’s okay, but definitely wasn’t worth keeping a secret for 10 months.


She sucks. I’ll still buy it and play her and have no problem admitting it. I hope they change her look an maybe a few normals before release after this backlash. While I’ll play her, I will say that I would’ve rather had literally anything else.


Well it could be worst


Your poll is lacking a “MORE SALT PLEASE HAHAHAHA” option.

I don’t care about the character, but I’m not buy Ultra either way.


Poll is missing a couple of opinions.

Like: “I LOLed”



I will say that this is MUCH better than having another damn Shoto character.


I wish there was a “I was hoping for someone more creative.”

Because I don’t hate her, and I’m not really “ok” with her. Sort of like the classic parent statement “Honey, I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.”


It’s clear she plays uniquely enough, but it’s a damn shame that they put so much effort into trying to make her different from cammy, yet she looks like a reskin. . . coulda at least changed her pose =/


Hard to get excited about her, but with a little bit of tweaking they’ve got themselves a solid fifth character. I’m still settled on Rolento though. Was hoping I’d want to play the fifth character more, but nah. She’s okay.


Afrer seeing her demo’d, my opinion on her took a complete 180. I’m very interested to see what she can do, but at the end of the day if I don’t end up liking her it’s not going to ruin my experience.


I was’nt interessed in her, Santamu doll, T.Hawk wife doll, R.Mika’s fat coach, Effie, Rose Master or whatever
The only thing i don’t wanted was Gouken’s daughter, and Decrap is not her

+++Seem fun as gameplay

  • One more character
  • Original style (rushdown charge)
  • She don’t change the fact that for 15$ we get 4 other new characters and fuckton of stuff
  • Butthurts, butthurts everywhere
  • She’s not Gouken’s daughter

-Incredible poor chara design (but she will surely get at least 1 alt costume)
-heavy recycled animations
-She’s not R.Mika’s boobs

I’m going to main that shit?
No, but i was’nt going to main any of the other theorized bitches

She’s ok, way too much drama about it


she’s ok, i dont understand peoples over reacting to it, i more mad that she leaked from the beginning and delayed wake up