POLL & UPDATE: Hori USA To Bring A NEW RAP Premium VLX In The US!


Interested in the new Hori RAP Premium VLX Arcade Fighting Stick for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360? Hori wants your feedback! Preorders will open at E3 2010 (June 15-17, 2010) and quantities will be extremely limited! Stay tuned to the official US Hori online store for more information on preordering these sticks when E3 hits mid-June! If you’re interested, please answer our poll we have set up below and leave comments! Click below to participate in the POLL!


This information will help determine how many the US will be getting!

April 30, 2010

SDTEKKEN Reports: Hori USA To Bring A NEW RAP Premium VLX In The US!


Our resident arcade stick expert (LOL) just received exclusive word that Hori will be bringing a brand new Real Arcade Pro Premium VLX fighting stick to the US market! More information will be made available at this year?s E3 Expo so keep an eye out for preorders on Hori USA?s Official Web Store!


I was hoping for this. I don’t mind paying $300 for the thing, but $100 for the shipping made me want to go for the HSS-0130.

I wonder if Madcatz is now thinking of a TE-X hmmmnnnnn…

I wonder what’s going on with the HRAP V3 SA…

Are they not going to release that for the US after all? Is it possible Hori is just going to release the VLX because it’s a higher profit margin for them?

I really don’t know that there’s much difference other than real estate space.

I kind of prefer the smaller stick myself.

The VLX seems almost too big for my tastes!

Given Hori’s recent history of US releases, I doubt the upcoming US VLX will have any differences in build or color from the first-run Japanese edition… Just a difference in the sticker on the bottom of the metal baseplate.


It is to laugh, indeed…

We’ll have a group of people convinced that the US release is somehow inferior to the Japanese version even though all the parts are the same and both runs were manufactured in the same factory in China!

I saw comments like that last year when the HRAP 3 SA got its American release…

Anyone want to buy a NIB PS3 Hori VLX now? :wink:

Damn. Just spent a g on two. Oh well. I’ll have them next week.

Thank you Hori! Me love u long time!

MarkMan helping out the competition?

Do want!

ouch… to those paid out the nose to get one recently…

very interested in this when it hits state side. hope it’s priced within reason but more importantly, easily accessible.

very nice

I feel sorry for all you who paid over $500 to import this now. I had no idea they would release this here.

I hope this also means we’ll be getting the HRAP V along with it.

I’m surprised they’re releasing this in the states.

Where’s the V3/VX!? FS3/FS EX-2 should be EOL.

Forgotten. It seems they’re focusing on the FS3/FS-EX Wireless.

So awesome. I can’t wait. I bet I can get a pair of them when they come to the US for the price of what people paid for 1. YESSSS

This looks good. I sold my last stick but I might buy this just for keeping.