POLL & UPDATE: Hori USA To Bring A NEW RAP Premium VLX In The US!

I am incredibly interested in this, which is kind of dumb of me. All I have right now is a Hori T5. I had been getting ready to bite the bullet on a TE, but this looks so much more impressive.

I am interested as well. Smart move would be to mass produce and lower the price.

Sticky’d and please check the first post.

Hori needs your help!


Totally! ^^

Thanks for working on things like things Markman. Its great to see variety and friendly competition among manufacturers, even if its painful on our wallets. :slight_smile:

Same here, voted for “preorder depending on price”

Voted. In for a pre-order.

pre-order depending on price.

I have to have one of these aha.

Voted!! getting it for sure, i mean why not right

voted. hope this brings them over to Americaland

It’s coming over for sure. Just a matter of how many units.

I voted for sure. I need 2 PS3 VLX’s. So we need to keep an eye on the Hori store for pre-orders. Get Hype!

Against my better judgment, I feel like I need one of these things. Voted in the poll.

voted, definitely getting!

voted, but the price is a huge determining factor! :slight_smile:

voted ill get 1 for sure

why not… i’m in

I am going to get exactly 1 360 VLX. I certainly hope that it is around the same price that the Japanese paid for it.